I am not somebody who follows a given path : Priyanka Chopra

Published On: 2019-05-20

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I am not somebody who follows a given path : Priyanka Chopra



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She came and she conquered. Priyanka Chopra is one of the very few actors in Indian Cinema who has it all and all on her terms. She acts effortlessly, she dances like a dream and now she sings as well. India Forums gets to chat with the multi-faceted actor. The rise and rise of Priyanka Chopra: 



How different is your character in Krrish 3 from Krrish? 


It's an extension of my character from Krrish. In Krrish we left the film at Krrish getting me home and making me meet his grand mother and in Krrish 3, I am married. When Rakesh sir called me, he was very excited and told me that I am going to love the role, and I did. My character has a duality about itself, I am a wife and like every wife, I am good and bad both. So that's the beauty of the film. I become evil as well in the film. How, why, where I cant get into that too much but my character changes and that was very interesting to play. 



Krrish is somewhat the biggest franchise in Indian Cinema. How did coming back to it feel? 


I love coming back to the franchise because it is such an interesting franchise for me. It's a kid friendly movie, it's sci-fi, which as a genre is so new in India and Rakesh sir to me is a pioneer when it comes to being a visionary. He is able to see such films and actually present them on such a large level. So it was great to come back to the franchise especially because we had developed my character so much. There is such an important aspect for me. In the entire film, Kangana, Vivek, Hrithik, everybody wants me. Why, that you'll know when you see the film. Its a very pivotal role. For me, that was great that I am not just a damsel in distress. According to me, the USP of the film is its screenplay. There are 8-10 characters in every film but we give importance to 2 . But in this film Rakesh sir has done justice to each and every character in the film. So when you follow the film, you find each and every character very interesting. It's entertainment throughout. 



This film is very proudly presented by the makers as a completely Indian film in terms of VFX... 


This film is one film which is completely Indian. All the VFX that are there in the film have not been outsourced at all. Everything has been made in India. Rakesh sir was very clear that he wanted everything to be made in India because our artists do not get a chance as we send everything abroad. But, in this one they have done this work and its brilliant.



Since you're the only 'human' in Krrish 3, given a chance to have some super powers now, which powers would you want ? 


Hmm.. I have one already, I do multi-tasking ( Smiles). 1 super power which I really would want to have is to be able to look into people's minds because I feel when people are saying something, what they are thinking is something completely different. So that would be very interesting, to know what they are really thinking. Then time travel, I would love to go back and forth in time and change things. That will be a great super power. I am a little lazy so I think telephonesis. 



You're not just an Indian actor now, but a celebrated International music artist as well. How are you planning to go about it? 


For me, my music is an extension of my creativity. I am an actor but I am a creative person. I like making things. Right now I am handling 2 careers which is very difficult for me. I dont have time to sleep, I am going between LA to Mumbai every month. It is hard but I am very new in music. They are completely 2 different spheres for me. It took me 3-4 years to understand what acting is as I was not from a film background and was from the family of doctors. Like that I think it will take me time with my music also though I am very happy that both my songs have done very well. But still the kind of musician I want to be, or can be would take a while. If Hollywood happens then good. I never plan my life. Like my music came to me as an opportunity, I thought it was interesting and I give my 100% in whatever I am doing. So If i have to do something in Hollywood, I'll put my 100% there and then I'll be split into 3. I feel alive when I am doing things that are different. I am not somebody who follows a given path. I want to be a game changer. I want to do things that no one has done before. No one has been an actor and made music. I don't know anybody. Jennifer Lopez was a singer before she became an actor. Its new. I want to do it. I want to playback for another heroine. I want to make movies. I don't know what all do I want to do. I want to write a book. I want to do everything that I can possibly do as a creative person. I think when you're young that's when you can do these things. I feel like I have an opportunity to do these things and I want to make the most of it.