Rohit is the hero of Krrish 3 : Hrithik

Published On: 2019-05-24

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Hrithik Roshan Says Krrish Is Not The Real Hero Of Krrish 3



Source: TOI 

Date: October 23, 2013 



From Koi Mil Gaya thru Krrish to now Krrish 3, it has been a decade long journey for Hrithik Roshan and the franchise that made him a superstar. While the hype surrounding Krrish 3 is naturally focused on Krrish’s superpowers and the technology gone in making them look spectacular on screen, the character of Rohit (first introduced to us in 2003 in Koi Mil Gaya) also forms an important element in the story. “Rohit is the hero of this film and the franchise. Not Krishna or Krrish,” says Hrithik Roshan. And he argues that the story of the entire Krrish franchise is driven around Rohit. 


Hrithik says he feels blessed to have got a chance to play Rohit. Koi Mil Gaya released in 2003 and was a life-changing role for the actor, who was going through a rough patch back then. Revisiting the part nearly a decade later was not easy for Roshan, who says he was not sure whether he would be able to recreate the body language, voice tonality and the overall vibe of such a memorable character. "Oh it was quite a challenge going back to it. Rohit is also a father this time around. So while I had to retain the child in him, I also had to make sure that when he puts his hand on Krishna’s head, the paternal emotional comes across". 


Speaking on switching between his two roles, Hrithik says, “Rohit and Krrish are like alter egos of each other and both have some elements of my personality. So when I am playing Rohit, I feel his vulnerability and when I am Krrish, I feel like a superhero”. 


From Kaho Na Pyar Hai to Krrish 3, Hrithik has come a long way and has matured as an actor. One would assume that a tricky part such as Rohit would have been far more easier to perform for the Hrithk of today. Hrithik says there are two ways to look at it and he himself does not know whether it was easy then or simpler now. 


"With time you have more experiences and you learn many things as an actor. So while it is a sign of maturity, you could in many ways lose your spontaneity. Even if I was relatively inexperienced in Koi Mil Gaya that perhaps helped me be more natural. But at the same time, today I can understand newer aspects of Rohit's character".