I was like Humpty Dumpty...

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‘ I was like Humpty Dumpty...’



Source: Mid Day 

Date: October 27, 2013 



... who put himself together again, says HRITHIK ROSHAN. Despite his physical ailments, he managed to pull off 85 days of action- filled sequences for Krrish 3. The actor believes having the right attitude helped him overcome all the challenges. WHEN Hrithik Roshan enters the room, he has a discernable twinkle in his eyes. The first thing he asks us is, “ So what are we going to talk about today?” We reply, ‘ Krrish 3 ’ and he smiles, ‘ Surprising!’ With one of his most awaited films up for release, the actor is going all out to ensure that his hard work pays off. Hrithik talks about the personal and professional obstacles he has overcome, his rapport with his father and rumours surrounding his marriage. Excerpts from an interview: 



You developed a back problem some years ago; then your knees ached and recently, you underwent brain surgery. How did you find the strength to overcome these challenges? 


Life is not about holding the best cards; it’s about how well you play the cards that you have. So I wasn’t given the best cards ( shrugs) but I had some good cards and I played them well. When I look back and join the dots, I realise that every single time I thought ‘ I can’t go on’, I was victorious when I tried. Life will knock you down; the only thing you have in your hand is your attitude. 



Even Krrish 3 has finally taken shape after several hurdles and years. 


Yes, but it feels absolutely amazing now that it is ready! In this film there have been more ups and downs because we chose to challenge ourselves. It’s the kind of film that seemed impossible in terms of budget and shooting logistics when we started. And when the shoot was scheduled to start, I had a double slip disc in my back and the doctor said you should not do any action film for the rest of your life. For two months on the sets I was an assistant — putting the costume on for Vivek Oberoi, enacting scenes for the mutants, controlling the lights. But every struggle leads to courage; it leads to finding the power inside you. 



How did you manage the tough action sequences in the film? 


Every single time I wore the jacket I felt like I was unstoppable and unbreakable. I went through 85 days of action. Science told me it’s impossible, but I did something which made me realise anything is possible in life. After that I did a lot of research to solve my problems because my knees, back, shoulders — everything was broken. I was like Humpty Dumpty and put myself back together again. 



This is your fourth film with your father, director Rakesh Roshan. How has your equation hanged over the years? 


Our equation has not changed; it’s just evolved. There is more respect. Dad is an absolute inspiration and such a gifted filmmaker. Working with my father again is like a dream come true. 



How did you and your father manage to shoot the special effects? 


Krrish 3 is our first fully homegrown high- budget VFX superhero musical extravaganza. This is our first full- fledged super hero film, with a super villain who has a team of ‘ manwers’ ( man plus janwar ). I am just as excited as a child to have a Frogman, and a Cheetah Girl in the film. I am very proud that my father decided that he wants this film to be done by Indians because of the motivation our artistes will get. After this the world will open up. I am happy that we have something now in our cinema that we can present on a world platform as Indians. 



Do you think Vivek Oberoi makes a threatening villain? 


Vivek is one of the best actors and a complete team player. When we thought of casting Kaal’s character, I had two names — myself and Vivek, They didn’t allow me so it was just Vivek. He has the intensity. 



After a long time you are shooting two films at a time. You are also doing Bang Bang with Katrina Kaif. 


Bang Bang is going to be completely different from Krrish 3 ; and that’s how I like it. I love bouncing off from one genre to the other so that there is no monotony in life. The film is loosely based on the Hollywood film Knight And Day , but takes a different look at things. There will be plenty of action and romance to keep everyone happy! 



Of late, there have been rumours about discord in your marriage. How do you react? 


You should know the truth about yourself. You should keep your head up, look at the stars and walk. Let people say what they want because eventually the truth will come out. 



So how has Sussanne supported you through these highs and lows? 


I will tell you her reaction to Krrish 3 — she said it’s the best film that I have ever done. Since she is my biggest critic, that’s the best reaction I have got. If Sussanne was not there in my life, I don’t think I would have been an actor.