Hrithik on achieving the impossible

Published On: 2019-06-17

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Hrithik didn’t let ill health disrupt 'Krrish 3' shoot



Source: TOI 

Date: October 31, 2013 

By: Parag Maniar 



Hrithik Roshan was not in the best of shape, healthwise, while shooting for Krrish 3, but the actor continued to work without any break. A source informs, "During the first schedule, Hrithik was not keeping well and suffered from a severe back pain caused by a slip disc. However, he did not ask for a single day's break and went through the gruelling action scenes without complaining." Barely had he recovered from the slip disc problem, he had to undergo a brain surgery. "Hrithik underwent a brain surgery just before the post-production work began. But he was back in the office within days of being discharged. The entire team was in awe of his positive spirit," says the source. Interestingly, the actor would treat the film's team quite often. "After every schedule, he would organise a wrap up party. And if there was a festive occasion, he'd gift all the crew members wine and chocolates." Krrish 3, produced by Filmkraft Productions, releases November 1





‘Superhero’ Hrithik Roshan on Achieving the Impossible



Source: India West 

Date: October 29, 2013 

By: R.M. Vijayakar 



The advance booking that began Oct. 28 in India is reported to be record-breaking. One trade analyst predicts Rs. 250-crore domestic nett business. “Krrish 3” is set to rock Diwali. This third film in the trilogy after “Koi…Mil Gaya” and “Krrish” is called “Krrish 3” and not “Krrish 2” for this reason. And Hrithik Roshan is obviously the raison d’etre for the film’s anticipation level, alongside his super-director father Rakesh Roshan and the genre of the film itself. The word “hrithik” means “from the heart” in Sanskrit. The actor’s second name means illumination. And that’s what Hrithik always does to any company he has — he lights them up with sincere talk from his heart. Rarely do we leave Hrithik without being richer in some way in knowledge or values. It’s the same this time, when ahead of the film’s release, India-West meets an excited Hrithik at the Filmkraft office. Excerpts from an interview: 



Q: How much of “Krrish 3” was a normal challenge and how much was extraordinary in this respect? 


A: For me, it was nothing less than a trial by fire. Every film is a challenge, but with “Krrish 3,” I had a double slipped disc just when we went on the floors, and I needed a hole made in my skull just before it ended! It has been my most difficult journey. But I am fortunate that I played Krrish or Krishna earlier. Krishna was a mountain boy who emerged a superhero in our last film. He had a rare courage to achieve what seemed impossible, apart from the powers he had inherited. In all my real problems, thanks to him, I had no fear at all but only one thought, “If I was Krishna, how would I overcome this problem?” I am now wearing this pendant, which is the symbol of Krrish within the film. The pendant is not about me or about Krrish; it is about the power of courage and the right attitude. It is about focusing on the good and positive things about something even if there are negatives in it. Like this center table, about which you could quickly find 10 flaws, but you would need to exert your mind to find five positive points, too. And you would find them! So it is about realizing and using those power resources within — for I think that a Krrish lives within all of us. 



Q: You have always stated that your father is the true superhero of the family. 


A: He is, and I try to follows his simple diktat of being a role model and an example for his sons. Whenever I think of my kids, it takes me a second to overcome any difficulty I am facing, because I have to set an example for them and be their source of motivation and power, just like dad was for me! (Smiles) 



Q: Did you face difficulties in life even before you turned into a star? 


A: Main hamesha girke uthaa hoon (I have always risen after a fall) even before I became an actor! My childhood wasn’t very pleasant, and I often came back crying and complaining about someone bullying and harming me. Then I was 16 when I had a terrible back spasm, and later painful rheumatism afflicted my knees. I had to miss my classes and my attendance suffered. When I later wanted to be an actor, a doctor advised that I should not do so with all my health problems. But I chose to face that as a challenge. As it was then, I challenged my pain even now and faced it. You have no idea what it means to pass that hurdle, to actually beckon the pain to come and trouble you more, and then life changes and slowly enters a realm of infinite possibilities! I proved science wrong — after my back problem I was told that I could not do any action sequences. My father even wanted to postpone making “Krrish 3,” but I surfed the internet instead, did all the necessary research and came up with the best trainers and people to come on the team. I finally did 80 action sequences, and each time I felt that I was 18 again! 



Q: So how do you look at your stardom now? 


A: (Laughs) I look at it like I always did, for I am a star only outside the doors of my house! I open the door of stardom occasionally to feel its power, and I use that to make other people also feel powerful. I have humbly accepted that I have been bestowed with stardom by the love of millions. It gives me opportunities, but it gives me responsibilities, too. (Smiles) But that’s outside my family or friends’ circle. When I am with them, my stardom means nothing at all! 



Q: Every superstar or celebrity faces negativity. How do you deal with that? 


A: I have followed a simple rule of thumb for dealing with negative write-ups and comments: I think that it is your own integrity that is vital. If you know what you really are, no hearsay can affect you. 



Q: So as an actor, do you ever feel self-doubt? 


A: Interestingly, I did feel some apprehension when I had to reprise my role of Rohit, now shown as an old man, in “Krrish 3.” I did not know whether Rohit was still within me a decade after “Koi…Mil Gaya,” and also seven years after the short part in which I had to play him in the 2006 “Krrish.” I had to revisit every single association with him. Rohit is a child at heart, and here he is playing father to Krishna. It was a challenge for the actor in me. A father gives power to a child, and here it was Rohit, the father, who was a child! 



Q: How important is Rohit’s role in “Krrish 3?” 


A: Despite Krishna or Krrish being a superhero, it is Rohit who I would call the real hero of the story! 



Q: You have always harped on the technical finesse of the film, but what about the content, which is always much more important for both your dad and the Indian audiences? 


A: My father is very conscious about content — he always has been. His grip on emotions is what has scored high in the film, as in every past movie he’s made. We have, for the first time in India, done huge VFX entirely within India, but my father knows that all the VFX, minus a story and strong emotions, would never work. But if this film succeeds, we will not have to compete with Hollywood anymore because we will be on par with them technically! (Smiles and clenches his fists in excitement) We have got a very reassuring reaction from the industry about the film’s look and promo, which has hit over 70 million views! “Krrish 3” is a hardcore superhero film unlike “Krrish,” which was the story of Krishna and his grandmother as well as his love story. This film explores the world of the superhero, the enemy of mankind, Kaal, played by Vivek Oberoi, who is his antagonist, and the mutants, the half-human half-animal creatures led by Kangana Ranaut, who let me tell you, is superb! We have a frogman, a cheetah girl and more. We have called these “manvar” — half “manav” (human) and half “janwar” (animal). 



Q: So do we see your film breaking all records as predicted? 


A: I hope so! But what I would like even more is people loving the film and what is fresh in it. It is also about being proud of what Indians can achieve technically and opening doors to work from outside.






'Every film comes with a challenge'



By: Archana Mishra 

Date: October 30, 2013 



Hrithik Roshan aka Krrish, the only superhero of Bollywood, gives credit to his sons for giving him the courage to play the most challenging role of his life. “Being a father, automatically instils superhero mode inside you,” says Hrithik. “My kids encourage me to face difficulties in my life. If I am successful in handling the challenges in a film, I believe I may be able to set an example for them in their real life too,” he says, during the promotion of his upcoming film Krrish 3 in the City. 


As Hrithik is excited to reprise Rohit’s role in Koi...Mil Gaya this time, he says, “There was a fear within me whether I will able to have the same body language or sound like Rohit after so many years.” Meanwhile, it was also difficult for him to play the character of Rohit and Krishna consecutively in the film. “As Krrish I had to do action sequences the entire day and thereafter, I had to get ready for Rohit’s role,” he says. It used to take him nearly four hours to get dressed and done up like Rohit. “But the ultimate challenge was to get into the emotional space of Rohit and act just the opposite within a few hours,” he says. “It was a challenge in every way. Since both the roles were being played by me, so dad (Rakesh Roshan) and I wanted to do justice to the characters in the true sense” says Hrithik and adds, “ I think I have given my best.” 


Sounding positive, he says, “Obviously, when you are empowered by a goal, everything becomes possible. Every film that comes with a challenge is worth something in your life. Sometimes things turn out to be very difficult but when you are enthusiastic it becomes effortless,” says Hrithik. He continues and says, “Nothing is more peaceful in life than getting a nice sleep after working tirelessly for the entire day.” Still, there was something that tortured him to the extreme – the mask. “In the hot weather of Hyderabad while I am busy in dialogue delivery, I realise the mask is melting off from eyes. Made from wax and glued onto my face with the ‘toughest glue in the world’, shooting with mask was not easy,” says Hrithik, who changed the mask for more than 600 times during the shoot.