After Krrish 3, Hrithik Roshan ready for Krrish 4

Published On: 2019-07-07

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After Krrish 3, Hrithik Roshan ready for Krrish 4




Source: India Today 

Date: November 6, 2013 

By: Rohit Khilnani 



A candid chat with the man of the hour, Hrithik Roshan, after the super success of Krrish 3. 



Now that your film is out and has joined the prestigious Rs.100 crore club in just four days are you relaxed? 


I haven't slept for four days. This usually happens during release time but tonight I am going to sleep like a superhero. It's excellent that the film is in the 100 cr club in just four days and we also have made a new record of the highest collections in one day that is Rs.35.91 cr on Monday so it's a feeling that I can't explain in words. 



After three years of hard work on one film what is it like on the day of the release? 


There is no morning on Fridays because you haven't slept on Thursday night. It's not just my hard work but an entire team has worked on one project for two to three years so obviously you want the film to work for the sake over everyone involved. My dad took such brave steps while making Krrish 3, I want it to work for him and so many other people. 



What are the first signs that tell you that your film has worked? 


Never believe in first signs. Initially there will be a lot of people telling you that your film is great but it's the best to wait for the first few days and then you will know it automatically. There is no need to judge with the first sign that tells you that it has worked or it hasn't. 



We saw you on the wall of Maratha Mandir, a popular single screen in Mumbai. What you see from there is a crowd of thousands of people, you can barely see their faces but they all are waiting to get a glimpse of you. Explain to us that feeling? Seeing that is it easy to get carried away? 


It's unreal. I am not myself when I see that, trust me. The love that you are getting standing there is something that cannot be explained. I feel like jumping over that wall into the crowd. I want to get carried away and enjoy that. I want to tell all the Hollywood actors that they may have a lot of things but the love that an Indian audience can give can never be matched, this is something they will never get to witness unless they are in India, in Bollywood. 



You watched the film with the crowd in Mumbai. That sounds great but isn't that scary? 


It's a learning experience for any actor. In fact when I was watching it with them I kept thinking we could have added something more at this scene since they are laughing here, we could have added some more action since they are enjoying it. I have decided I will watch all my films with the audience.



Your film has made a record of the highest collections in one day which is Rs.35. 91 crore. How important are these records for a star like you? Does this change anything? 


Since it's a game I am ready to play it. We are all here for a purpose and I want to participate and enjoy the entire process from acting in a film to enjoying its success. These records reinstate your belief in yourself and your work. 



What do you learn from what's written about your film? Good and bad! 


If someone writes something about my work that's just his or her opinion, that's one person's opinion, it's not that opinion of the public. I respect what's written about my work good or bad and if there is something to learn from it then I do that. 



What after Krrish 3? 


Next I am starting a film with Katrina Kaif which is called Bang Bang which will be directed by Siddharth Anand. Just like its title, it will be a fun film. I will start that shoot soon. 



With the kind of response Krrish 3 has got, there will obviously be a Krrish 4 right? 


I already have an idea for Krrish 4, I haven't got the time to meet dad after the release of the film so once I meet him I will share my idea with him but I want to tell the audience Krrish 4 will be out there before you know it.