Krrish 3 merchandise doing well is a bonus : Hrithik

Published On: 2019-07-15

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Merchandise doing well is a bonus : Hrithik Roshan



Source: TOI 

Date: Nov 14, 2013 




The Krrish 3 merchandise, which includes action figures of Krrish, Kaal and Kaya, the mask, hand straps with the Krrish symbol, kids' apparel, tiffin and pencil boxes, toys such as flying saucers, yo-yos, scooters and publishing material like jigsaw puzzles, activity and colouring books as well as food and home decor, has become quite popular with kids. Hrithik Roshan, the franchise's superhero, says, "While we expected the film to do well, the merchandise doing well is a bonus." Managed by Exceed (Carving Dreams), these products are competitively priced. 


Producer-director Rakesh Roshan says, "Kids have loved Krrish from the very first film... they connect with him. This time it has become even more engaging since there are so many merchandise options for them to collect." Afsar Zaidi, CEO of Exceed, adds, "The aim is to reach all corners of the country with some long-term licensing and merchandising programmes for the franchise."