Ash speaks about Hrithik & DhoomII

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Aishwarya speaks about Hrithik and Dhoom 2

Source: Filmfare (Dec 2005)
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IT WILL also be the first time she will be working with Hrithik Roshan in a film. Though she reminds me, "We've done a Coke ad and a world tour together. When you're doing world tour shows, you really get to know each other. But yes, this is the first time we'll work on a film. Hrithik is a wonderful actor. I've only heard amazing things about him and his work validates it. He seems extremely committed and passionate about what he does and that's something I absolutely connect with. That is my comprehension of dedication to work too."
"We were to do the first schedule when we got rained in by the downpour in Mumbai and the set was ruined though some people speculated that the schedule got cancelled because I wanted to lose weight," she tells me pointedly. (There's no denying she's lost quite some weight, though. And to state the obvious and unnecessary, looking all the more fabulous for it.)

Interestingly, Aishwarya and Hrithik will combine once again for Ashutosh Gowarikar's Jodha Akbar, which is as far removed from Dhoom II as it could be in terms of its theme and setting. Aishwarya starts work on it in the latter half of 2006. Just as shooting for her two action movies come back-to-back serendipitously, she's lucking out with J P Dutta's Umrao Jaan coming just before Jodha Akbar, she reveals. "I'm getting the opportunity to experience being the ultimate Indian woman – first as a danseuse and courtesan in Umrao Jaan and then move to a different emotional arc with Jodha Akbar, which is in the classical Indian mould and deals with a different point in time, with different sentiments. So there is the warrior and the modern girl, there is the courtesan and the quintessential Indian woman. It's fabulous for me," she exults.

On Dhoom 2:

Looks like apna Hindi phillum training has come in pretty useful,right? "Absolutely! Totally!" she agrees. "I'm not playing the typical girlie-girl and you know, I've begun to enjoy action," she says, bemusedly. "I was telling Adi (Dhoom 2 producer Aditya Chopra) that The Last Legion and Dhoom II coming back-to-back helps me because I can take my experience from one film to the next." But as of now, I tell her, all the excitement and speculation is about her going to step further than Kajra re and wear a bikini in the movie. Is she or isn't she? Of course, I know I'm not going to get a yes or no answer but what's the harm in trying? C'mon, end the suspense, I tell her. But Ash is determined: "Maybe that's the way they want to keep it, so you just watch the movie and you decide." "Look, Dhoom as a franchise is eye-candy, fashionable, hip, fast and furious. It's not about some intense acting experience. It is about the glamorous aspect of cinema. That's what we've really looked at. I keep discussing my action with Alan (Amin, the action director of Dhoom II) and he goes, `We're gonna do this, we're gonna do that,' and I'm like, `Go on, let's just rock it!' As for Sanjay (Gadhvi, director of Dhoom II) – his greeting is `D2 rocks!' (D2 is Dhoom II if you didn't get it.)