I felt I am not good enough : Hrithik

Published On: 2019-07-20

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Hrithik Roshan : I felt I am not good enough



Source: Indian Express 

By: Harneet Singh 



His latest film 'Krrish 3' is rewriting box-office history but Hrithik Roshan exudes his trademark Zen poise when we meet him at his house. 



What's the mood in the house? Is everyone number crunching? 


Hrithik: There's a sense of relief. We are feeling assured that we were able to deliver what we wanted to. We are keeping tabs on the collections but more than that it's the feedback of the audience that's of value. My phone is ringing constantly, there are so many text messages. I'm very happy for dad. There were many risks involved with this film but we went ahead without any fear. When we were shooting, there was never a day which was easy. My involvement was more than just that of an actor. I was also the producer so I wasn't responsible for just my part. I was busy coordinating the dates and costumes of other actors. There was just too much on my plate. Now I'm looking forward to experience the luxury of just being an actor on other people's set. 



How have your sons Hrehaan and Hridhaan reacted to the film? 


Hrithik: They were the first ones to watch the film and they were overjoyed. They were giving me reactions after every scene and it was wonderful to see their involvement. I've told them to give me their inputs for Krrish 4. 



You did a lot of theatre visits post the release. What was the response on ground zero? 


Hrithik: It was unimaginable. The roars, the whistles, the claps and the noise is something that you have to experience to believe. When they saw me, they all shouted 'Krrish 4'. So, now we have to make the next film soon. Hollywood actors should be envious because they can never experience love by the audience the way we can — whether you are Al Pacino or Robert De Niro. 



With four back to back hits, you and your dad make an invincible team. How do you dictate your relationship on the set? 


Hrithik: When two people are passionate about their work, disagreements are bound to happen but at the end of the day both dad and I have our eye on the same goal so we sort it out. The better suggestion always wins. 



But who has the veto power? 


Hrithik: Always the director. Not only because he's my dad but even when I'm working with other directors, the final call is the privilege and right of the director. 



Let's talk about the film. Between the character of Rohit and Krrish, who are you more emotional about? 


Hrithik: I'll have to say Rohit because he's the emotional side. But both Krrish and Rohit are two extremes of my personality. If Rohit symbolises the super weaknesses, then Krrish is all about super strengths. I've experienced both. Like Rohit, I've had my share of shortcomings to deal with. Even I've had moments when I felt I'm not good enough. It's a constant process to talk myself out of them. I'd attribute this to the voice in my head which tells me that I can go on. This voice has saved me many times. I like to believe that voice is the Krrish in all of us. 



In terms of preparation, who has been tougher to nail? 


Hrithik: Both have been equally tough and easy. For Krrish I needed to be agile, look like a superhero, get the right body language and carry the costume and the cape confidently so that I don't look silly. For Rohit, the make-up would take three hours and I needed to get into a kind of an emotional space where I would walk and talk like him. But it's all a creative process. Once the camera is on, you just fly with it. 



The music of Krrish 3 didn't work. Do you think the film would have fared even better if the music had clicked? 


Hrithik: I don't know what would be higher than the collections we have right now. It's grossed over Rs 235 crore worldwide on its eighth day. Everything else is now a point of view. 



Do you think we will see more superhero films in Bollywood now? 


Hrithik: I think so. People will be less scared to go past their imagination. We've made the film with our talent and effects at 20 % cost of a Hollywood film. This is truly an ingenious effort. Hope this gives courage and heart to more filmmakers to attempt their dream. 



I was just analysing. In your case, the super success and episodes of personal strife go hand in hand. When Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai released your father was shot at. And before Krrish 3, you had the brain surgery for the blood clot. How do you process this? 


Hrithik: By telling myself that in life you can't hope for everything to be perfect at all times. Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes you realise that the bad phase was actually the best phase of your life since it made you a stronger. Dips and lows in life will keep happening. The only way is to keep moving. Hrithik: The clot has gone but I've a constant headache. There's not been a moment in the last four months when my head wasn't aching. Maybe I haven't been able to get the required rest. Hopefully before the next schedule of 'Bang Bang' starts, I can get some relief. 



Salim Khan recently said, "There can never be love between rivals, only courtesy." You agree? Especially since you and Shah Rukh Khan are close friends but film just broke the record of Chennai Express. How do you navigate close friendship with a rival? 


Hrithik: By not thinking of my friend as my rival. It's not about breaking a record. It's about being inspired by what the other person has done and going further than that. All of us are part of the same tribe. We are all hand in hand to take cinema forward. That's how I see it.