I taught Hrithik how to dance : Katrina

Published On: 2019-10-06

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Katrina Kaif says she taught Hrithik Roshan to dance



Source: TOI 

Date: Aug 26, 2014 

By: Meena Iyer 



Katrina Kaif was in a gregarious mood at the dinner held to launch the song, Tu Meri from her next release, Bang Bang. She walked in long after the guests had watched the dance ditty and congratulated Hrithik Roshan for his classic moves. And she explained her late entry saying, "I came in late because I didn't want to steal the limelight from Hrithik." 


When the media looked at her quizzically, she laughed and said, "I actually gave only six days to this song, because once again, I wanted Hrithik to shine through. I'm the one who guided his dance moves, but I made sure to take a backseat because I wanted him to get all the compliments." 


Hrithik then did a one-up on Kat. He turned around and said, "Katrina, you are just a wee bit late with your speech. I have already told the media that you taught me how to dance and that you were kind enough to allow me to bask in the compliments. And that's the only reason why you came to this dinner after me." 


With both having pulled each other's legs enough, the duo broke into peals of laughter. Yep, they enjoyed their joke as much as the media.