I've done my happiest film in my saddest time

Published On: 2019-10-31

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I’ve done my happiest film in my saddest time’

Source: Asianage
By: Priyanka Pinto
Date: Sep 23, 2014

Hrithik Roshan calls Bang Bang his ‘happiest film’ till date, one that was made when he was going through the darkest phase in his life. He tells us how he fought the odds...

With just two weeks left for the release of Bang Bang, Hrithik Roshan is gearing up for what he calls his “happiest” film. Recently, the superstar, who otherwise doesn’t like to speak about his personal life, got talking about one his most dark phases in life and how he got over it.

As most of us know, Hrithik underwent a critical head surgery during the shoot of Bang Bang. Besides that, he was also going through tough times on the emotional front as well. But he fought the odds, picked himself up to make the film his happiest.

“In my perspective, I discovered that life is supposed to be unfair. But it is unfair because it wants you to be even stronger and even better.”
Recalling that night of horror when he was supposed to leave for Prague to shoot for the film, Hrithik says, “I remember I was on the treadmill, and I felt something wasn’t right. I immediately called my doctor to take out one more scan. The scan showed the left side of my head was filled with blood. There was so much blood that my brain had shifted to the right,” he said. Hrithik asked the doctor to do whatever he could, as he had to board his flight in a couple of hours. But the doctor warned him, that getting on that flight would cost him his life.

After he recovered from his surgery Hrithik flew to Shimla, where he re-shot all the scenes that had been done with his body double. He knew the only way to bounce back was to fight the situation. “I said to myself that the only way out of my situation was to break out. I had to find that power inside me. I have done my happiest film in my saddest time and look where it has got me.”

When asked about coping with his personal life he said, “You don’t get everything in life. You will get the answers to some questions later in life. But till then you have to stay strong. I have become the source of love, I give love. When you give love, you get love back.”