Shekhar talks about Bang Bang music

Published On: 2019-11-05

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Shekhar of Vishal-Shekhar decodes Bang Bang's music for t2



Source: Telegraph India 

Date: Sep 30, 2014 



We are getting a crazy response to the soundtrack. Bang Bang 's been very special for us. There are hardly four songs in the film, but each has become very popular. We have experimented with various genres... from EDM ( electronic dance music) to new disco to songs which have electronica meeting acoustic guitar. When it's an action rom com, it's a challenge to sonically treat the entire album. 





It's Bolly's first EDM track. In fact, the song was a mistake we made that has become a rage. What normally happens in a song is that we take a beat and loop it and get the production done. Our engineer took the beat and he was supposed to loop it, but he just had four bars of it.So he looped it in such a way that the first four bars were slow, the next four were dance, then he went back to slow and then back to dance. That song was made in under three minutes. What we love about Tu meri is that it has an unusual structure… it shifts easily between a slow ballad and an anthemic dance number.There is a break beat inserted in the middle of a song where Hrithik does a special kind of a dance step. 





This number just involves guitar and voice. A lot of work… a lot of arrangements happened on that song. We made a lot of changes in the arrangement… from acoustic guitar to electronica. After every eight or nine seconds, you will hear something new in this song. That it was a dream song shot in Greece gave us the liberty to play around with the music and the vocals. We wanted Hrithik to sing this song, but he was so busy that he couldn't. 





This has so many variations that even we lost count. There's dance music, there's a lot of guitar and then suddenly it surges towards a crescendo in the end. The last one minute — in which Hrithik does his Michael Jackson tribute — is phenomenal. We had a blast doing that bit, especially because Hrithik is such a great dancer. 





It's a dream song, but unlike any other dream song, this one has a lot of energy in it. It's a very beautiful genre… lot of high energy. Siddharth has picturised it very well and Katrina dances like a dream in this song.