Hrithik and Siddharth on the success of Bang Bang

Published On: 2019-11-20

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Hrithik on the Success of Bang Bang


Source: Talking Movies

Hrithik Roshan in an exclusive interview to Talking Moviez speaks about the success of Bang Bang, Salman Khan, His upcoming projects and lots more. Have a look-

Q. Are you happy with the kind of business Bang Bang is doing?

Hrithik- The only way you can judge the success of a film is by the kind of business it does and Bang Bang is doing very well at the box office. Some films I have done have been on spiritual side and I have been surrounded by 10,000 people who have given me so much praise for those films, but they were the only 10,000 people who praised me. But through numbers we get to know how much the film has been accepted. Bang Bang has opened very well and we have broken the records of Krrish 3 and Kick and what is to be noted is Krrish 3 and Kick were solo releases and we are not a solo release, we didn’t increase the ticket price and we don’t have that many screens, still we have broken the record of Krrish 3 and Kick and I am very happy.

Q. Does movie reviews bother you?

Hrithik- Opinion of every person matters to me but I feel no film in 100 crore club has got positive reviews; all of them have got mixed reviews. I have got reviews which have made me a god but those have not done good business at the box office. The vision of Sid matches with my father. They both like to make entertaining film with everything in it. Sid has surpassed my father as Bang Bang has crossed the first day collection of Krrish 3 and I am very happy with the same. But I can’t tell If my father is happy or no (Laughs). This is a growth for me as it is one step ahead of my last film. We have just crossed the 100 crore mark and we have done 100 crore in just 3 to 4 days. Very few stars manage to achieve this feat. I got respect after I worked in Guzaarish and Agneepath but after Bang Bang all I got is people got entertained and I have pleased a section of an audience in a different way.

Q. You are very selective about the kind of film’s you do. So any plans to have regular releases now?

Hrithik- I am pushing myself to have regular releases since I started my career but somehow it is not happening. I want to do 2 to 3 films a year and I will make sure that I plan my calendar in such a way that I can have atleast 2 releases every year.


Q. Except Salman, everyone has completed your Bang Bang dare. So what is you take on that?

Hrithik- Well, Salman is SALMAN KHAN. Salman Khan always makes an entry and he will make an entry when it is least expected. So just wait for it.


Q. How did the idea of Bang Bang dare come to you?

Hrithik- I want to believe that we are much better human beings than the success of a movie. I want to have healthy competition and with Bang Bang dare I wanted to create that. I created platforms where all stars had to do something for their fans. Ranveer, Shraddha, Arjun, Nargis, Farhan all have done a great job and all so loving came forward and did something. I want this to go down as a history in the industry. I am still receiving Sms that people want to get Bang Bang dare.

Q. Agneepath, Krrish 3 and now Bang Bang, so how would you approach your upcoming projects?

Hrithik- I am open to do any kind of film. I am an artist and if I love a particular script I would love to do the film. I did Bang Bang because I loved one EK DIN concept from the film. And if you come up with a good script, I will do the film irrespective of the genre. EK DIN concept is what the film is all about and that is what Bang Bang is all about. I am open to do an ensemble film, I am open to do a two hero film and I am open to do a offbeat film.

Q. Your next film is Mohenjo Daro. So how are you preparing for that?

Hrithik- I am not preparing for the film at all. I am talking about Bang Bang now, then I am taking a break of 6 days and then I will move on to Mohenjo Daro.

Q. Would you like to feature in an out and out dance film like Any Body Can Dance?

Hrithik- Bang Bang was a complete dance film. I danced my heart out in Bang Bang. But you never know, the film needs to have something to inspire me to do the film like Bang Bang had EK DIN which means Hope.


Q. Do we see you doing television show yet again?

Hrithik- I would love to do a television show again. If I get a good show and I have the time, I would love to be a part of that.

Q. What are your future projects?

Hrithik- My next film is Mohenjo Daro with Ashutosh Gowariker. We are planning Krrish 4 but before that my dad is working on something else with me. Sid and I are working on something and let’s see how it progresses.





I want to make Bang Bang 2 : Siddharth Anand



Source: Talking Movies 



The director of Bang Bang Siddharth Anand in Exclusive interview with us talks about the success of the film, possibility of a sequel, Hrithik Roshan, Haider and lots more. Have a look- 



Q. Is the sequel of Bang Bang on cards? 


Siddharth- Yes we have a sequel in our mind but until and unless we don't get a script, we won't go ahead with it. If we get a story which will match the emotional dept of Bang Bang we will make Bang Bang 2.



 Q. Bang Bang is getting mixed reviews. So what is your take on that? 


Siddharth- There is not a single film in the 100 crore club of Bollywood which has not got mixed reviews. Even 3 Idiots got a negative review by a well known critic who called it a wasted opportunity. So it does not bother. 



Q. Bang Bang is your biggest opener till date. So what are your views on that? 


Siddharth- The film was designed to be a commercial entertainer. I knew this film will appeal to large section of audience and hence it is doing good business at the box office. We expected good numbers from the film and it is doing as per our expectations. 



Q. What next after Bang Bang? 


Siddharth- I believe doing one film at a time. I will take a week to wake up from the dream of Bang Bang. Who knows, next film I do might be Bang Bang 2. 



Q. You cut out the entire portion of Katrina Kaif in Bachna Ae Haseeno as you felt that sub plot had potential to be made into another film. So is that happening? 


Siddharth- Yes I always wanted to make that film but it didnÕt happen. But yes it is a very good script so letÕs hope it happens soon. 



Q. The hindi films you watched and liked recently? 


Siddharth- I loved Chennai Express. I feel it was very entertaining. I liked Barfi too. 



Q. Who is the best action star in the country? 


Siddharth- It has to be Hrithik Roshan as he has everything which an Hindi superstar should have. An Hindi Superstar is expected to laugh, cry, dance and hit the bad guys, and Hrithik has mastered in everything. He brings a lot of entertainment in his role and hence he is the biggest action star in our country. 



Q. How was it working with Hrithik, Saif and Ranbir? 


Siddharth- They are all three different personalities. Hrithik gets involved in every aspect of the film but Ranbir and Saif are very easy actors. They are not into the film, you can mould them as you want. Hrithik works on the script, he works on the music and he contributes as an actor. 



Q. Your thought on Haider? 


Siddharth- I liked the film. It is very different from Bang Bang. People are liking the film and it is visible with the way it is performing at the box office. 



Q. What is your take on the clash? 


Siddharth- The business of both the films got affected because of the clash. I feel if there was no Haider, my film would have done better. But now it is all about holiday release and hence the clash.