Promised Sid I would make Bang Bang the best film

Published On: 2019-11-21

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“I Promised Sid That I Will Make Bang Bang The Best Film It Could Possibly Be” – Hrithik


Source: Koi Moi

Bang Bang is massive for the stunts in the film which were nothing short of brilliant. Obviously it was during one of those fateful stunts that Hrithik Roshan suffered his brain injury. But that did not deter the actor from losing his zesty self and enthusiasm.

Speaking to Koimoi, post the release of Bang Bang, Hrithik explained that the post-accident stunts weren’t easy at all. He narrates, “Shooting in Shimla in cold was very tough. The water stunt was difficult for sure but the rooftop scenes were equally draining. Most of the stunts in Shimla were shot right after my surgery, when I had just come back and has just become okay. I could not take loud sounds. I had shoot the whole film with earplugs. Even in songs, I could not bear loud music. In songs, it is generally preferred that to get the tempo right and the feel right, the music is kept loud. It gives you a better feel. I did not have that luxury. I had to dance to muffled sounds and hardly heard the pump of the music. I think I have still managed decently.”

It is more often than not, easier to give up when life is low. Didn’t Hrithik feel the push of the same? Hrithik says no. He wants to be the brave soldier who will march against all odds that life will throw his way. He continues with, “Everyone is going to face the lows in life. If you haven’t got it yet, you’ll soon face it. When you are faced with impossibilities in life, when life ceases to make sense both mentally and emotionally, it is very easy to give up then. Most actors who have gone through slumps emotionally and physically have preferred to take a long sabbatical before resuming work. I always believe life is made up of time. And I don’t want to give up on time.”

Coming from that dull phase, certainly Bang Bang’s success must be very reassuring. The film went through a series of delays; there were talks of it being shelved. But Hrithik and Sidharth Anand remained determined. Roshan tells us, “I had promised Sid that whenever I get okay, I will make Bang Bang the best film it could possibly be. ​We have achieved it and numbers speak of it.”

​Bang Bang that released on 2nd October has cashed in well over the weekend and is earning in higher ranges consistently. With the film’s sequel in order as well, Bang Bang might soon be turned into a series, suggests multiple sources. ​



Here is how Hrithik Roshan’s kids reacted to Bang Bang


Source: Daily Bhaskar

Bang Bang star Hrithik Roshan’s dangerous stunts in the film have created quite a stir in the media. The actor has been praised for performing the stunts with much ease and style. Although Hrithik was excited to have received so much appreciation for his performance, it was the excitement and reaction of his children Hridhaan and Hrehaan that made him the happiest.

In an exclusive chat with Dailybhaskar.com, Hrithik confessed that that the excitement of his kids made him even more nervous about his performance in the film.

“Even before the release of Bang Bang, they were super excited to watch the stunts that I had performed in the film because a lot of hype had already been created in the media. So they were very keen to see the stunts. In fact, their excitement actually made me nervous and scared. I had to tell them that the film is not just about stunts but there is also a love story. But they were just not bothered about that,” Hrithik said.

The Bang Bang actor had also suffered from an injury while shooting an action sequence for the film. Although Hrithik had performed some daredevil stunts in Krrish 3, he undoubtedly grabbed more attention and praise for the stunts in Bang Bang.