Hrithik on being No 1!

Published On: 2012-09-17

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Hrithik on being No 1

Source: Seventeen Magazine
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We spent our first birthday with the number one heartthrob Hrithik Roshan and need less to say it was a blast

Shoot me

Cover shoots are defiantly as fun as they seem, and when you have Hrithik in front of the camera it only makes things better .as I pulled into the industrial estate where photographer Atul Kasbekar has his studio, I could hear murmurs of "Hrithik's here" all around the parking lot. That's when I saw his Mercedes. I walked into the elevator and there he was in cargo pants, a green top and ear phones, shaking his head to the beat of the music, oblivious to everyone around him. A smile came easy to his lips when he saw us, and he politely turned down the volume of his Ipod.

The shoot was an absolute treat. My favorite part was when Hrithik would break into a dance step in between shots. He really does know how to move to the beat (no choreographer required) music undoubtedly being a big part of his existence, he sang along with every song that played. English or Hindi rock pop or from a movie he knew the words to them all. At the end of the shoot we got him to cut our birthday cake and then smeared it on his face. He didn't seem to mind at all and we couldn't believe how sporting and adorable he was being. So much of that! He took his sweet revenge when he covered all our faces with cake as well. Each and every one of us, and we couldn't do a thing to stop him

First day first show

There's no doubt that there is something special about the guy. His popularity grew overnight. Kaho Na… Pyaar Hai apart from being a great hit was the launch of a superstar. No one else has managed to get so famous so fast. "I just felt like a boulder that was pushed off a cliff. I couldn't think; I was just walking with the flow. When I went to watch the movie, I walked in with the audience but after it, I had to ask the police to come escort me out!" So you wake up one morning and you're the biggest superstar. That must have been a weird feeling? " No not a superstar, an invincible god". He replied much to my amazement." you don't understand .I had all these holy men coming from different parts of the country to meet me. They'd come and touch me and say I was an 'avatar' of god 'and they'd just leave. I would be stopping traffic in the span of a few minutes and I got invitations from Nelson Mandela and Prince Charles to join them for lunch!" if you could only hear the earnestness in his voice you would know that he was not showing off but quiet the contrary. I guess if anyone were to imagine great things for themselves, this would have been the best dream ever; but it can be confusing as well. In fact, Hrithik admitted that the hardest thing was to remain grounded, but looking at the guy sitting opposite me, I knew that he had absolutely no airs about himself.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Still, watching him at the shoot, giving all those perfect angels and pumping up his muscles before he looked in the mirror ahead of every shot, I wondered what he thought about the way he looked " there's a saying -the harder you work the luckier you get …I've worked really hard on myself so I guess when ever I need to look good, I get lucky because for me it's the toughest thing to do… It's the one thing I'm most apprehensive about…. But I guess I manage." Talk about an understatement. You think the biggest heartthrob of the country could have the same reservations that the rest of us do when we see our selves in the mirror? . "When I look at myself I notice my hair first. In fact, the one wish…the one prayer that I have, is to some stage in my life have control over my hair." Good luck! (I myself have given up on that a long time ago.) But I guess that's the first thing you learn when you meet Hrithik. He doesn't give up on improvisation no matter what. "A person's thoughts, attitude and perspective on life shape their expression." He explains, " So the better man I become, the better I will look." Wow, can you imagine if you think he's irresistible now, you better hold your breath for what he's threatening to look like in the next few years!

Lucky in love

So far Hrithik is sure that his wife Sussanne has been his lucky charm and while that might seem like the regular clichéd answer you half expect, once you hear their love story I'm sure you'll be as enamored as I was. Hrithik first saw Sussanne when he was 12. His friends realizing that he kept looking at her would tease him with the song Sussanne (I'm crazy loving you). " I saw her again at my sister's wedding and there I pointed her out and told my best friend that one day I'd marry her." They finally met 3 yrs later, where after spotting each other at a signal, (much like the way Hrithik sees amisha in Kaho Na Pyaar Hai). One
year later on their first year anniversary (13th of January, the day they first met), he told her that he loved her. And although he is shy, he sure does know how to romance his girl." Once I booked an entire island in the Maldives and we spent a night there. We were dropped off by the pilot and it was all pretty magical …but I'm not going to tell you anymore." (These guys keep the juiciest parts for themselves) as for Sussanne, even though she can get the fanciest of outings and the best of gifts, she is happy enough when Hrithik comes home from work with a five star bar (the first thing he ever bought her). She also manages to make him laugh no matter what the situation. " If we fight and I've hit like the super pitch of anger, she looks at me and says 'now don't laugh' and then I can't help but break into a smile" (the rest of us girls need to take lessons from Sussanne -it'd make our lives so much simpler!)

All about Hrithik

He admits that his wardrobe is larger than his wife's but also insists that he isn't the one filling it up. "People keep telling me what I can or cannot wear. Everyone shops for me. In fact, lately I have been told that I'm a bad dresser so I'm grateful that Karan Johar is educating me on fashion now" either way clothes don't seem to be a topic of much concern. So is there anything in the world that really bothers him? " What really scares me is the stage…I have levels and I've come up to the point that I'm now ok with people on a one to one but I wasn't 10 years back. I never used to talk to people or even call up the barber and take an appointment. My mother had to do that. Now I am ok with all that but the stage is a whole different ball game. It takes a lot of courage for me. So I feel the most triumphant after a performance. In a way it makes you stronger when you attack your fear..." that in fact has been his philosophy throughout his life. " I remember when I was learning to ride a my bicycle and I told my dad, papa don't let go' and he said he wouldn't and I kept pedaling while talking to him and I finally I went like 20 meters and stopped. I released that I could ride a bike I was thrilled! You know that's what life is, you just have to believe and go for it and things that you feel are impossible happen!!!" and in a way for Hrithik along with his hard work, charm and good looks that's exactly what happened .he just played his cards and the rest just happened! I guess it's because of this that he says if he were an animal he would be a seagull flying high over the waters and into the horizon After all that Hrithik has already achieved, he still has many years ahead of him and with his talent and determination we'll probably be able to measure the
heights that he will reach.

In Hrithik's Wallet

We got Hrithik to show us what he keeps in his wallet. "It isn't very polite," he told me but complied all the same

- My driver's license (with a really cute passport size picture of him when he was 18)

-Sussanne's photograph. "For the times I'm away on a shoot" he smiles

-Credit cards

-Two pictures of Gods (that his mom wants him to carry)

-Lists " because I have the worst memory ever" he explains. "Dates and things I have to do this month. I make them in the morning." they were actually quiet
impressive, written in point form in very neat handwriting.

-A note with some scribbles that he had prepared in case he won the award for Koi Mil Gaya. (He had of course won it just the night before we met)

-No cash (not a single rupee)