It's time to enjoy my clothes : Hrithik

Published On: 2019-11-29

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It's time to enjoy my clothes : Hrithik Roshan



Source: DNA India 

Date: Nov 13, 2014 



Hrithik Roshan is gearing up for his next film Mohenjo-Daro. For his last film Bang Bang, he has worked on a very lean physique and is now ready to put on weight for his period film directed by Ashutosh Gowariker. Hrithik confirms, "I basically want to go from that lean look to a bit healthier and muscular body." When asked if he will be taking off his shirt to flaunt his pecs, he smiles, "I don't know. I have done quite a bit of that. I think it's time to enjoy my clothes." The actor has done a period film before with the same director -- Jodha Akbar-- and he agrees that a period film is more demanding than a regular film, "The challenges are different but that's where the fun lies. In creating something that's never been depicted on celluloid." About Mohenjo-Daro The film is set in the era of the Indus Valley civilisation that dates back to 2600 BCE. The film is slated for release in January 2016.