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Hrithik Roshan on ‘Mohenjo Daro’: “It’s one of the best films I’ve done”’



Source: Biz Asia 

Date: July 7, 2016 



Ashutosh Gowariker and Hrithik Roshan were in praise of each other at the press conference held in London where the two spoke exclusively to BizAsia about their upcoming epic ‘Mohenjo Daro’. While Roshan branded ‘Mohenjo Daro’ as one of his “best films”, Gowariker said only Roshan could bring in the dignity and grace to the character he plays in the film. The duo also laughed about a possible space comedy they could reunite for in a future project. BizAsia’s Missy B caught up with two stars in London. 



Why did you pick ‘Mohenjo Daro’ as the subject for the film? Are you fascinated by history? Ashutosh Gowariker: 


Yes of course I’m fascinated by Indian history, more so the civilisation it’s something that we’re aware of but not really known about. Its been there in our school books and I thought how about bringing this civilisation to the screen in a manner where we are able to see what could have been. It’s something we know nothing about its all speculation so I thought why not mix fact and fiction. Base the story on that and bring in the romance but still try and do it with sincerity and honesty so when the audience see the movie they believe this is what could have been. 



What made you agree to the script? Hrithik Roshan: 


It took me about five seconds. I opened the script I then closed the script, I looked up and said I have to be part of this film. It’s one of the most entertaining scripts that I have read. Yes it’s very historic but that didn’t concern me as an actor what concerned me is here is a man telling a beautiful story, it brought a smile to my face. I love the romance and the action and this is something that Indian cinema has not produced until today. The opportunities were so challenging. I was as excited to do this film as I was fearful as to how will we achieve this. I love to be in a place where I am excited and fearful at the same time. It’s a beatific script and it’s one of the best films I have done. Very thankful to God. 



You have worked with Ashutosh Gowariker before what was it like working with him again? Hrithik Roshan: 


It was take two after working with him on ‘Jodha Akbar’ there were certain expectations. There was trust and there was faith, I was hoping he would be the same filmmaker that I worked with some years ago. One difference I noticed was that he was happier making this film for some reason. Ashutosh dancing at a party is symbolic and a sign of how good this film is going to be as well as the other facts, so yes it’s been a joy and a challenge something that we both enjoy a lot. It’s great when you embark on a journey and then a second journey. We were both comfortable in taking risks whether that was in terms of my character or my performance. Definitely one of my best films. 


What kind of research went into playing your character? Hrithik Roshan:


To be honest nothing much, I would have done if I had to but when you work with him [Ashutosh] you know he builds the world he doesn’t leave much to the imagination as an actor. I can’t tell you what that is for an actor because half of the time we are imagining the character opposite us. Ashutosh actually builds the world so when I was going on set I was entering ‘Mohenjo Daro’. Just like the character who this covers I left myself as an actor to discover. I didn’t read any books, I didn’t see pictures, I did nothing just walked on to the sets. 



What was the biggest challenge? Hrithik Roshan:


There was a lot of damage done physically and mentally spending six months in Bhuj is not easy on the mind. We still had a lot of fun. When I see the film now it kind of makes sense and console myself by saying that I had to break a bone to even create something like this. 



What’s next for Ashutosh and Hrithik? Hrithik Roshan: 


He can’t go more historic than this so he is going to do the complete opposite. He is going to be making a film in space and make it comedy, it’s never been done and he always does things that no-one has done. I am going to be in the film. 



What is it you both like about each other’s work wise and personality wise? Ashutosh Gowariker: 


Well I can say that he gives the entire credit to me but he brings a certain maturity to the character, so for me Akbar I could write it but beyond that he had to bring dignity and grace to the character. He has the ability to go two notches higher to what I ask of him and that’s what I love most and sometimes if I feel a little lazy I think Hrithik will handle it and make it believable. Be it Krrish, Guzarish or Jodha Akbar, he brings so much energy. I think he has taken ‘Mohenjo Daro’ several notches higher than I could have imagined.