MohenjoDaro is nothing short of a fairytale : HR

Published On: 2020-02-13

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Mohenjo Daro is nothing short of a fairytale, says Hrithik Roshan



Source: India Shor 

Date: Aug 03, 2016 



It is not often that one gets to see Hrithik Roshan talking animatedly about sports. Mohenjo Daro is nothing short of a fairytale says that sports foster a healthy competitive spirit among the youngsters. According to him, more and more youngsters should come forward and participate in sporting activities. 


‘Mohenjo Daro’ is slated for release next week, the actor, to use a cliche, is very excited and, as his is wont, always curious about audience reaction to his movies. The actor says that the movie is set in an era that is much like a fiction.The movie, according to Hrithik, is about people who lead sedate lives and are caught in a time warp. Hrithik also says that for today’s selfie-obsessed generation, Mohenjo Daro is Nothing Short of a Fairytale, as the movie shows how human society in those days survived without technology. 


“Moviegoers will have a completely different cinematic experience watching this movie. Not to put too fine a point on it, they have not seen anything like this in a long time,” the actor was quoted as saying. When asked if he is against technology, the actor says that technology should simplify lives and not complicate it. 


Hrithik is also gearing up for his next major release ‘Kaabil’ where he will be seen in another new role. Hrithik’s fans are also hopped up about ‘Mohenjo Daro’ and they know very well that their favourite actor can never disappoint them.