In a clash, the weaker film suffer twice as much.

Published On: 2020-03-10

Author: Mohar Basu

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Sanjay Gupta: In a clash, the weaker film suffers twice as much


Source: Mid Day
By Mohar Basu 

Director Sanjay Gupta talks about the 'Kaabil'-'Raees' box office clash on Republic Day 2017 and how Hrithik Roshan breaks the mould with his performance

Sanjay Gupta's Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam-starrer, 'Kaabil', is set to release on Republic Day 2017, making it clash with Rahul Dholakia's Raees, featuring Shah Rukh Khan. The director is evidently unhappy. 

"Such clashes are unnecessary. The film industry is one big family. We don't step on each other's toes. If any other film had announced their release first, I am sure Rakeshji (producer Rakesh Roshan) wouldn't have released 'Kaabil' on the same date," he says, adding that given that the box office only has scope for a 40-crore opening, the releases will inevitably eat into each other's business. "In order to share the profits of one holiday, we'll now have to share income for the whole week. In case of a clash, the weaker film suffers twice as much," he laments.

While Gupta is bothered by the situation, he confesses to having made peace with it. For now, he is enjoying the attention that his film's teaser is receiving. "The teaser was Hrithik's brainchild," says the director, whose 41-second glimpse into the film punctuates a series of muted shots with the hard-hitting lines of its blind protagonist. "When I first heard the concept, I wasn't convinced, but when I saw it, I found it mind-blowing."

Reports had alleged that Hrithik and Sanjay went to several lengths to keep the details of the film under wraps, including denying the use of cellphones on set. But the latter laughs off the rumours diplomatically. "We weren't anal about it, but we went the extra mile to ensure that people see the film's glimpses only when the time is right. This is the kind of movie that thrives on mystery," he says, terming the performance of his leading actor as "path-breaking".

"After watching him essay the role of a blind man in 'Kaabil', people will compare the portrayal of a visually impaired person in cinema with that of Hrithik's. He has broken the mould. There is not an ounce of sympathy in the tone," he says, adding that the point that the film wishes to drive home is that blind people have heightened senses, which makes them equally equipped to lead regular lives. 

So, will Hrithik break into his signature moves? "He does shake a leg," confesses Sanjay. "It's senseless to not have a dance sequence in a film featuring Hrithik Roshan. After all, who would enjoy a Michael Jackson concert if he doesn't play Beat It? Kaabil isn't a dance-oriented film though. It showcases the fantastic actor that Hrithik is."

Sanjay confesses that despite the failure of Ashutosh Gowarikar's period-drama, 'Mohenjo Daro', Hrithik's career doesn't need a revival. "He is a superstar and everyone at that stature has had their share of highs and lows. When Jai Ho didn't fare as expected, no one said that Salman needed a push. Hrithik's career is too vast to be bogged down by one flop," he reasons.

Gupta confesses that he enjoyed collaborating with Rakesh, who, despite being involved with the project, didn't hinder with its development. "Once we started rolling, Rakeshji visited us just for a day. His inputs on the rushes were insightful. Since we envisioned the film similarly, there were no conflicts," he signs off.