I don't regret being a gay icon- Hrithik

Published On: 2012-09-20

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"I don't regret being a gay icon"

Source: Mumbai Mirror
Date: 29 January, 2006

Hrithik Roshan gets candid with Ram Kamal Mukherjee on Krrish and his many insecurities

In an interview, your father mentioned that Krrish would give Indian cinema its first-ever super hero. Are you ready to take the onus on your shoulders?

I was always fond of science fiction that defied reality and bore similarities with dreams. I often wondered why we couldn't convincingly portray a super hero in our industry? Perhaps, under the influence of mythology, it's easier to convince the Indian audience of a super hero who wears a crown or carries a bow and arrow. The typical mask or cape simply appears awkward. It was challenging to venture into unexplored territories of Indian cinema.

The promos of the film have been appreciated. What’s playing on your mind now?

I have invested almost three years of my life in this project and I wonder if I've been too close to maintain my perspective! Promos are just a part of a film, and when you say that people have appreciated the capsule, they should like the film too.

After 22 days of Wushu training in Hong Kong , you said you could’ve done more. Is this modesty…

(Interrupts) It's honesty. My action director Tony Ching actually required eight weeks from me, but I only had four. When my grandmother expired, I missed five more days. I was first in Hong Kong and then trained in Shanghai where it was sub-zero temperature. I used to video shoot everything and practice.

But why just 22 days…you could have continued the training until you thought you have mastered the art?

Tony Ching could only give so many days with the kind of budget we had (Smiles). We didn't have the budget of an average Hollywood film, so we had to sacrifice the training part a bit. Ching is currently the world's second best action director and we are glad he did the action for Krrish. But, at the same time, I don't want the media to blow it out of proportion. I basically learnt karate. It is nothing out of the world. But for me it was something new and exciting.

When you realised that the cable snapped and you were falling from mid air, what went through your mind?

Now that you've asked, the fall was quite pleasant (Laughs). I enjoyed the moment until I realised that this could be dangerous. It was just a millionth of a second; I realised I'd had an accident only when I landed on the canopy. Later, I felt the fear seeping in; the fear of what could have happened. And this played out in my head for two days thereafter.

You're working with Priyanka Chopra for the first time. Do you think people will accept your pair?
Honestly, I was initially apprehensive about whether or not we'd complement each other. But I think she is excellent and people will appreciate our on-screen chemistry.

This is your first time working with Aishwarya Rai too.

Ash is a fantastic person. She has a dance sequence in Dhoom 2 and I'm doing the easiest thing: watching her dance. It was truly a treat! We have hardly shot any scenes together, so I am waiting eagerly to work with her.

And working with Rekha…

She is the anchor of the film. Without her, the film is incomplete. You need to see her to believe her performance - she's played the role of an aged grandmother so beautifully.

It seems that you are on a sequel spree after Koi Mil Gaya. Even Sanjay Gadhvi's Dhoom 2 is a sequel.

(Laughs) I am the sequel boy of Bollywood! Well, Dhoom 2 is mind blowing and it's certainly not just about bikes or attitude. I would love to tell you about the plot and my character, but I haven't yet shot much and they would just throw me out of the film (Laughs).

Do you think films like Akbar Jodha would work when Indian cinema and its audience have moved on to contemporary subjects?

I have extreme faith in Ashutosh as a director. This is not the kind of Akbar we've ever seen. This film will be a far more real representation of that historical era than other films.

Had you not been Hrithik Roshan, do you think this industry would have given you 12 chances to flop and rise again?

Absolutely! I am what I am today only because of my karma. With my first film, magazines wrote "phenomena"; later they wrote "finished". So, I've learnt a lot about life in the phase from "phenomena" to "finished". The wisdom in your worst times is what will carry you to your good times.

You are reportedly insecure with Abhishek Bachchan as he has rapidly become a superstar in the past two years?

I am insecure of every single actor that exists here. I am insecure about my shots. I am insecure about myself. And I love my insecurity as an actor. I completely believe in competition; it's the only way one's pushed to excel.

I've always told Abhishek that he's the best amongst us and his time will soon come. Life is not about the finish line, its about the run. You need to enjoy that flight.

John Abraham has been voted the sexiest male alive and you feature seventh in that category. Comment.

Frankly, I'm quite flattered to even be considered. If I am required to be the sexiest looking man for a film, I would do that. But I don't actually consider myself to be the coolest or the sexiest guy. Sometimes though, I wish I could do that…just look like a model!

A recent survey stated that you are the most loved celebrity amongst gays in the world. What is your take on this?

I take it as a compliment and I have no regrets being a gay icon. Gays and lesbians are very much a part of our society, and it's a privilege to be loved by all.

What're your plans for the newest member of the Roshan family?

We are expecting the baby in April and I am very excited. I've been spending more time with Suzanne. I don't plan my future nor will I plan the future of the baby. I pray to god that both mother and kid are healthy and happy.