Ab Ayega Mazaa 2003

Published On: 2012-04-03

Author: Rakhshanda Khan

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Ab Aayega Mazaa

Typed by Payal
August 11, 2003


Rakhshanda Khan: RK, Rakesh Roshan: RR, Hrithik Roshan: HR


RK: Rakesh-ji, Hrithik, welcome to the show.

HR: Thank you.

RK: Sabse pehle sir, mein aapse savaal poochna chahoungi, ke, india ki pehli - sci-fi film hai. A very ambitious project. Is film ka, idea aapko kahan se mila?

RR: Actually, uh, bahout ajeeb si baat hai ke mein aapne ghar mein tha, so my grand-daughter Suranika, she was watching a cartoon on tv, and there were aliens and all in that cartoon, and I was watching her, that she was, bahout interest ke saath dekh rahi thi, to maine poocha: 'Suranika, ye kya ho raha hai? Kaun hai ye?' "They are aliens." 'Aliens? You know anything about aliens?' bole "Yes, they are all from a different world.' So then it struck me - girl who is four years old. - If they know about aliens, then this is the time, we should go make films, and move ahead - then to go backwards, and make remakes of old films. So then I started working with this plot. 

(KMG Trailor # 1: Dialouge Trailor about Alien Landing)

RK: Hrithik, ek savaal aapse - Aap ka jo character hai is film mein, vo ek traditional, larger than life hero ki turha nahin hain. What actually excited you about taking up this character?

HR: The moment dad mentioned it, I said 'This is it, this is what you should make!' - because I was so excited about playing this kind of a character.

RK: Lekin maine suna hai ke he's actually supposed to be, a mentally challenged boy.

HR: Yea, he's mentally challenged.

RK: Which means ke...

HR: He's actually...

RK: ...vo normal, regular heroes ki turha pachees logon ko pitega nahin. Uske actions alag honge - heroes se - you know, vo jo dramatic entry hoti hai heroes ki, film mein. - Which people assoiciate with...someone like Hrithik. Vo nahin hoga, so...

HR: We still...

RK: ...did you feel apprehensive at all?

HR: Apprehensive, no. - Not at all, because, uh, the film - when I read the script, it was such a strong script, it - moved me so much as an actor. I knew it would move the audience when they would see the film. 

(KMG Trailor # 2: Various scenes from other trailors.)

RK: Okay, tell me Hrithik, uh, obviously, ye ek aisa character hai jo, bahout kum logon ne actually, on indian screen darshaya hoga. You are doing it for the first time. Kuch preparation gaya is mein, or did you go by your dads instincts, ke jis tarha vo chahte the aap is character ko play karein, us tarha se kiya?

HR: Well, I didn't really do much. - I mean, this would give rise to a lot of wise-cracks, but, it did come quite naturally to me. All I actually did was, before shooting actually started, I just, I wanted to spend some time by myself. That’s all I did actually. I just secluded myself, and thought about what I have to do in this. Explore - the areas of my mind where I could find that child in me. - And out it came! 

RK: Really?

HR: It was quite easy!

RK: To pehle...

RR: He used to check into a hotel, three days before the shoot, and he used to be aloof from the world. 

RK: So when he said he needed a little time by himself, he needed 3 days!

RR: Yea! (Laughing)

HR: And I had - the time of my life! 

RK: Really?

HR: Absolutely, yea. I mean, I - to start with, I realized that, you know, I have to be a child - so the first thing that came to my mind is that, children are basically happy. So I did EVERYTHING that would help me be happy. I watched...all my childhood favorite films, I had chocolates, I did everything that came to my mind that would make me happy. And that was like my...

RK: You took, actually, like a vacation. It sounds like a vacation.

HR: In a way. In a way, it was great, great fun to do. Absolutely, yea.

RK: Your costar in the film, Preity. Preity ke saath aap, pehle bhi kaam kar chuke hai. 

HR: Yea.

RK: Is baar, kam karneka kaisa raha experience? 

HR: Preity, uh, after every schedule of the film, I used to say, you know, 'Thank God for Preity!' Sincerely, I believe that KMG would not have been KMG without her. She...her - the positivity that she exudes on sets, and, you know, she just, has a way of - getting everybody into a good mood. And that helps me a lot. 

RK: She's lively!

HR: And she's so much of a child. You know, and I had to be this child, so I just kept...(Couldn't catch this, b/c RK interrupted by saying 'Meeting her!')

(KMG Trailor # 3: Song - "Haila Haila" - Showing clips from scenes in the movie.)

RK: Is film mein, aapke saath, kafi saare bachein dekhen hain maine promo mein. - So, how was it, shooting suddenly with Costars ( holds her hand up high showing big people), and then, costarts (lowers her hand, signifying kids).

HR: Great - Actually, because, they are such, special kids. They are so talented!

RR: Very talented. Very talented kids.

RK: Bachon se, kaam karvaana ek director ke liye zyaada asaan hota hai because, they are like blank people. - You can actually write on them what you want. Is that true?

RR: It is true. Unko nahin parva hoti ke, main kaisa lag raha houn? Mera make-up kaisa hai, mein...

RK: Baal sahi hai. 

RR: ...baal sahi hai ke nahin - they are just, like normal human beings, and they don't have any inhibitions. 

(KMG Trailor # 4: Jadoo Trailor)

RK: What was it like for you, to direct, a scene, jahan par, ek actor hai, jisko aap zyaada explain nahin kar sakte the ke usko kya karna hai?

RR: Zyaada nahin, bilkul nahin explain kar sakta tha. Its fully animatronic, and...

RK: Right.

RR: ...Sometimes, I instantly, kabhi kabhi mujhe gussa aa jaata tha ke, shot barabar nahin hai, to mein khada ho jaata tha, daant ne ke liye, to sochta tha ke kisko daant raha houn mein?

RK: Daant ke kya faida hoga? Usko to pata bhi nahin chale ga kya keh rahein hain aap.

RR: But it was great fun also, and it was very difficult also. It was very very difficult to design that alien, to make that alien. It took me about one and a half years to go and do all these processes.

RK: Aap ki film mein, music hamesha, aap ke bhai saab ka hota hia, and somehow, it has always come across, ke vo apni best dhun, apne bhai ki film ke liye bachaa ke rakhte hai.

RR: Hota kya hai, ki, when I sit with him, Its how you inspire him. How the situations of the songs are, and how much you worked for it. For this film, the song situations are very difficult, kyoun ki, ek chota sa ladka hai - vo kya gaana gaayega? Uske words bade simple hone chahiye. - To 'idhar chala, mein udhar chala', 'koi mil gaya', 'jadoo, jadoo', 'magic, magic', you know - are very simple words. - So its not like that, ke he does the best for me, it is how much you get him involved in your script.

(KMG Trailor # 5: "Koi Mil Gaya" Trailor.)

RK: Ab kuch aise, chote chote savaal, jo mein jhaldi se aap logon ko poochungi, jin ke, chote chote javaab honge, which will just help our viewers get to know you better. Tikh hai? Ok, Rakesh - ji, aap se ye savaal: Hrithik ke bare mein, koi aisi baat jispar aapko bahut fakre hai?

RR: His...dedication towards work, his sincerity, and honesty, and humbleness.

RK: Hirthik, aisi kya baat hai, aapke pitah-ji ke, bare mien jis pe aap ko bahut fakre hai? 

HR: This can't be a small answer - there's so many of them. From every film that he does, to that superhuman feat that he did after KNPH, w/ all the gunshot and all that. But, most of all, b/c I think he's a very fair man. He's very fair, he's very practical. And uh...he's - PERFECT!

(RR laughs.)

RK: Okay, koi aisi baat, which you feel Hrithik is very careless about?

RR: He is a - bit forgetfull. - Apne kaam mein khoya rehta hai, to cheezein (?) bhul jaata hai - usko yaad dilani padti hai. 

(HR laughs.)

RK: Really? Unko dekh ke aisa lagta hai ke - he's very meticulous about everything - har date yaad rakhega...

HR: I will not remember names, I will not remember meetings, I will not remember - yahan, vahan - I won't remember. I'm just into...(acts out being focused on one thing and one thing only). - So everything else...

RR: Poori family - Suzanne, mein, my wife Pinky, my daughter Sunaina - we keep reminding him 'you have to call up that person', 'you have got a meeting'..."oh, oh". - He's very forgetful!

RK: There are alarms set up all over the place, little post-it notes - 'abhi ye karo, abhi vo karo'

HR: Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries...

RK: Just, everything?

HR: Just...

RK: Okay, so you have like this whole entourage of people around you, reminding you...

HR: Have to remind me!

RK: ...abhi ye karna hai. -- Koi aise baat, jo aap ko lagta hai ke rakesh-ji bahut fussy hai is barein mein?

HR: He's not fussy about anything. Nothing. Except, he wants his work to be perfect. That’s all.

RK: Kaam mein perfection.

HR: Yea. - Good shot - the shot that he wants, he wants, and that’s it. Be he's not fussy as a human being.

RK: Nothing? Ke subha uth ke mujhe aisa, ye ye ye karna hai? My newspaper has to be on the left side of the bed, the orange juice has to be on the right side of the bed. Uske bina my morning won't start!

HR: Actually, that reminds me. He has to have his morning - uh, which fruit is it? 

RR and HR together: Papaya.

HR: Papaya. Yea. He has to have that!

RR: Anywhere in the world! 

HR: Every morning. Anywhere in the world.

RK: Really?

RR: Before I reach anywhere, I call up my friends over there, to, the first shopping you do is buy papayas and give it in my apartment, or in the hotel. 

RK: -'Mein aapke ghar aa rahan houn.' - 'Sir, aapke liye, kya banaaoun?' - 'Kuch nahin, papaya laa ke tum, fridge mein bhar dena.' -- Okay, Hrithik, aap ko aisa lagta hai, ke aap ke pita-ji ki koi ek aisi aadut hai, jo vo chodna chahte hai?

HR: Meetha and Fried - Fried stuff, yea.

RK: You like sweet stuff, is it? 

RR: I love sweets, and I like to eat fried things like samosas, and kachoris, and vo sab jab set pe aate hain, to meri nazaar vahin rehti hai.

RK: This is my kind of person. This is completely my kind of person. Fattening stuff, basically? - Jo bhi calorie vala hai, vo acha hai.

HR: All the good tasting stuff.

RR: All tasty.

RK: What about you? Are you that kind of a person? Body dekh ke to nahin lagta hain. Mujhe to lagta hai boiled khana khate ho!"

HR: No, I'm also a complete foody! Complete. I also live to eat, but yea - I control it...Sometimes. A Lot. - Have to.

RK: Rakesh-ji - aap ko lagta hai, ke star ban-ne ke baad, Hrithik me koi, badlaav aaya hai? Koi aisi adut, jo pehle nahin thi, jo star ban-ne ke baad aa gayi hai?

RR: Ye - topi pehenta hai (pointing to Hrithik's hat). - Ye badlaav aaya hai. 

RK: But I believe he's gotten that fettish from his father. I'm told u also have a liking for hats.

RR: Vo to...shooting pe. Shooting ke vaqt mein.

RK: Sirf shooting ke vaqt?

RR: Shooting ke vaqt sirf.

RK: Kyoun ki aap ki films ka music - itna strong hai, hamesha se, there has to be one, all time favorite song that you have.

RR: I like, my fathers song, which he gave for a film called (didn't catch the name...sorry!) - "Bahut diya dene vale ne tujko". - Thats my favorite song. 

RK: Aur Koi...Mil Gaya se kaunsa gaana aapka favorite hai?

RR: And KMG se, mera favorite gaana hai "In Panchiyon ne".

(KMG Promo # 6 - "In Panchiyon ne" Trailor.)

RK: And what about you Hrithik?

HR: My favorite song, right now, is uh, the magic song. 

RK: Jadoo.

HR: No, the one where I'm dancing. 

RR: Kachaa, Pakka.

HR: The kachaa, pakka song.

(KMG Promo # 7 - "Its Magic")

RK: Aur ab vaqt hai ek vaada nibhane ka. Pichle episode mein, aapse humne ye vadaa kiya tha, ke aap mein se ek, lucky insaan ko milega mulakaat Rakesh-ji, aur Hrithik se milne ka. Aur ye chunave hum karenge ek lucky draw ke dwaraan. Aur is lucky draw ki winner hai Nikita Kankrin ( I think thats the last name.) - To chalye iski mulakaat karvaatein hai, Rakesh-ji aur Hrithik se.

-- Girl comes on stage (looks to be 6 or 7)

RR and HR: Hi!

-- Girl gives Rakesh-ji a rose.

RR: Oh, thank you. thank you.

-- Girl gives Hrithik a card.

HR: Is this for me? Thank you! Did you make this yourself?

Nikita: Yea.

HR: How sweet!

-- Girl gives Hrithik a teddy bear that says "I Love You" when you squeeze him. HR gives her a guy, and RR gives her a hug, and the girl leaves. 

RK: Thank y very much to both of you for coming on the show. And we hope ke ye sapna jo aapne dekha hai, log usse bhi utna sundar paaye, jitna aap usse dekh rahein hain. - And I know that the film is going to do great, and I hope, ke aap future mein aur aisi filmein baanaayein, jahan se dusre directors jaane ke liye bhi dartein hai.

RR: Thank you.

HR: Thanks for that. (As if he were referring to RK's last remark.)

Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did! :)