Thermal level hits high!

Published On: 2012-09-21

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Thermal level hits high

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By:Bala Chauhan
Date: 30 January, 2006

His looks can kill and his mannerisms can leave you breathless. Hrithik Roshan is not only suave and extremely handsome, he is also very charming in the way he conducts himself. The Bollywood stunner was recently in the City to launch Hero Honda’s all women bike Pleasure. In between signing those innumerable autographs, he spoke to Metrolife about his passion for bikes and his drive, to remain true to his heart.

Do you think women look for exclusivity?

I guess so, at least in clothes and accessories. Wanting exclusivity is about being more outgoing. There’s perhaps a need for fighting it out in a man’s world but truly, I don’t know what women really want. If only men knew that, they would have had less problems.
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What drives you?

Everyday is a new challenge. Life is a series of peaks and plateaus. It is not about the finishing line but the climb, the run and the sheer thrill of going through the good and the bad.

You choose films on?

The dictate of my heart. I am a very instinctive person and I go by my heart. I don’t believe in rat race.

You believe in..

Destiny. I know I can’t fight fate. I have always valued life and cherish the now moment.