Yami finds Hrithik simple and inspiring

Published On: 2020-04-10

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Yami Gautam finds Hrithik simple and inspiring


Source: Business Standard

Actress Yami Gautam, who will be seen romancing Hrithik Roshan in "Kaabil", says the superstar is unaware of the tags given to him and is a simple person in real life. 

"He (Hrithik) has been given tags like Greek God, Superstar, God of Dance etc but he is unaware of these tags. He is a simple person who wants to give his best and help others also get their best in the most selfless way. I am not that generous. He is very inspiring," Yami told PTI.

What surprised Yami was the simplicity of the "Jodha Akbar" star. 

"We all know Hrithik as a superstar but when you meet him on sets or talk to him, he is simple, has no airs and baggage. When a big star like him has no qualms or air or mask or layer on him, it's nice," she adds. 

The actress also says she was nervous to work with Hrithik onn the romantic film. 

"I have never met Hrithik socially so when I first met him on sets I told him,'Hi, I am nervous', to which he said, 'Hi, I am also so very nervous'. He said 'glad you said it, I am so relieved.' He said, 'it's good to be nervous'." 

Yami is thankful to co-star Hrithik, director Sanjay Gupta and producer Rakesh Roshan for having faith in her. The film is set to open in theatres on January 25.




Yami Gautam on Kaabil : I used to walk around the house with my eyes shut

Source: TNN
By: Trisha Chakravorty

Beautiful, bold and straight forward are the three words that best describe Kaabil actress Yami Gautam. However, the actress literally explained what her name stands for. "Yami is the daughter of the Sun and sister of Yamraj, and the one who knows it all," the actress introduced herself. In a one-on-one chat with Mirror, Yami was at her candid best.

Yami, who comes from Himachal Pradesh, felt the nip in the air here in Mumbai. However, the actress laughed saying her mother laughs when she complains about the weather in Mumbai. She says, "Honestly, I landed from Dubai and didn't even realize it was that cold on Tuesday. I thought maybe because I am a little dehydrated that's why I am feeling the chill. Then I heard on the radio that it was 13C." Talking about the weather, a nostalgic Yami says, "I miss Himachal a lot. The air is so fresh and the whole nostalgia has a different charm when you go back to your roots."

Yami and Hrithik play a visually impaired couple madly in love with each other in Sanjay Gupta's Kaabil. Yami says, "It was very challenging. I used to walk around the house with my eyes shut. I have also researched on how visually impaired people live a daily life through videos posted by them on YouTube." She said, "I play the piano in a brief scene. But to do it without the vision on how to move your wrist and respond to the sound required a lot of practice."

Yami also makes her dancing debut with Hrithik Roshan. Talking about Duggu, Yami said, "Hrithik makes everyone comfortable on set. He dances like a dream and to match step with him, you have to put in an extra effort to look even half as good as he does when he is dancing. Kaabil has been a dream team to work with."

Asked her about the recent Bengaluru incident, the actress stressed, "There has to be stricter laws and punishments for such heinous acts. And an incident like this in a city like Bengaluru is extremely shocking. It's high time we start converting our words like women empowerment, law and order into action." 

The actress, who loves costume dramas and relates herself to Game of Thrones' character Daenerys, will be seen next in Sarkar 3 with megastar Amitabh Bachchan.