Hrithik reveals the toughest scene in Kaabil

Published On: 2020-04-20

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Hrithik Roshan reveals his toughest scene from Kaabil which required the maximum retakes

Source: Bollywood Life
By: Pooja Nayak


Playing a visually impaired onscreen is in itself a major task to ace. And then on top of that, when you are also required to dance with your partner who is also visually challenged and nail a brilliant choreography, now that definitely ain’t easy. So we really don’t blame Hrithik Roshan for calling, “Mon Amour” song from Kaabil the toughest one of his entire career by far. Featuring Hrithik and Yami Gautam, while the song hit the web a few weeks back. Hrithik in his recent interaction with the media revealed how he had to literally push the limit to dance with grace but equally assure he remains in his character and also guides Yami to match steps with him.

Says Hrithik, “My toughest scene till date has been the Mon Amour dance sequence from Kaabil. I was essaying the role of a visually impaired character in the film and to remain in character while dancing and more importantly with Yami who also was to be visually impaired was extremely difficult. I couldn’t be guided because I was supposed to guide her in the dance sequence, so the choreography and the concept of the song needed a lot of work and brainstorming in order to put together something that looks real and natural. In fact, we shot the song eventually in only 2 days but the rehearsals for it took around 10 days with retakes after retakes!” Indeed, all the hard work has paid off for the song looks so effortless that not for a second you would feel Hrithik has stressed himself so hard.