Hrithik comes with no baggage: Yami

Published On: 2020-05-04

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If a superstar like Hrithik Roshan comes with no baggage, it makes you feel that it's ok to do mistakes: Yami Gautam



Source: Pinkvilla 



Starting her journey from being a TV actress in Chand Ke Paar Chalo, Yami Gautam has made her way to the big screen industry. The pretty diva will now be seen with Hrithik Roshan in Kaabil and is playing a role of a blind person in the film. Was it difficult for her? Yami opens up in an interview with us and also shared her experience with Hrithik. Excerpts from the interview: 



This is the first time you're collaborating with Hrithik Roshan in Kaabil? How was the experience of shooting with him? 


I don't get tired of saying this but I really mean it that Hrithik has been such an inspiring influence on me because the professional commitment he works with, every character he does - you realise all this when you work with him. By this, I mean that we all know he's a perfectionist, very hard-working, dedicated and extremely focused on his work. He takes it a notch higher when he does it not only for himself but also for others around him like a lot many times he has gone for retakes when he's fine but perhaps when he suggests that 'Would you want try to do it something like this only if you think is fine' and I used to be like 'Yeah, let's do it' and it would certainly look better. If a superstar like him comes with no baggage and just has a simple approach, it makes you feel that he's also learning and it's ok to make mistakes. He's really humble and that's the reason why he is where he is. 



How did you bag the role? 


I got a call from the casting director of this movie, Mukesh Chhabra saying that 'Rakesh ji wants to meet you' regarding the movie and I was very happy about it. I was like 'he's such a big name and I would love to meet him'. So I met him and he told me a gist of the character and the film and I said 'Ok Sir'. I was very excited, but he said that 'I have a small request for you that this is a special role, would you say these lines on camera and I was like why not'. It's not about the fact that big names are attached, the film in itself is special. 



Was it difficult to play the role of a blind person? 


It was! Especially when you start preparing for it and how do you take the first step - whether you start learning the nuisances or should you learn The Tango. The most important thing was to break the notion that we all have of the stereotypical of acting in the films. Secondly, the moment we are told that we have to enact as blind, we become stiff and we feel restricted. The coach first taught us the body language. We went through workshops to make it perfect. 



Hrithik Roshan is surely one of the finest dancers in Bollywood! Was it a challenge to match up to his level? 


I have had sleepless nights because of that. I told someone I knew that teach me a little Tango. Knowing how to dance for your passion is totally different from dancing with a professional dancer and that to be with an amazing dancer like Hrithik. We have shot the entire song in just two days. It was challenging. 



Do you wish to have a happy ending in your films? We have been noticing a pattern in your recent films that you always have a tragic end! What do you have to say about it? 


I'll request you to watch the film and we are here to break the set notions.