Tiger spills the beans on YRF's project

Published On: 2020-07-25

Author: Nayandeep Rakshit

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'I'm scared to match up to Hrithik sir': Tiger Shroff on working with Hrithik Roshan



Source: DNA 

Date: FEB 23, 2019 

By: Nayandeep Rakshit 



Tiger Shroff has admittedly been a Hrithik Roshan fan. In fact, he has revealed how he has closely followed the senior superstar's filmography and wants to have a similar one himself. So, it was a dream come true for the actor when he was cast alongside Hrithik in Siddharth Anand's next. Tentatively titled Hrithik vs Tiger, the Yash Raj Films production will see the Kaabil actor and the Baaghi 3 hero go against each other. We caught up with Tiger who spoke about working with his screen idol. Excerpts... 



What was your first reaction when you were told that you would be doing a film with Hrithik?


 Hrithik sir has been a real-life superhero for me since I was a kid. When I was approached for this film and told that he would also star in it, my heart started racing. I was ecstatic that I would finally be sharing screen space with him. But at the same time, I was scared because I kept asking myself, ‘Should I be doing it at all? Is it right to go up against someone like him who’s a Demigod superstar?' I was sure nobody will look at me. 



How has the shoot been so far? 


It's been a blessing. It's a surreal feeling on the set every day. I hope I'm not irritating him. I'm like this kid in a candy store, I keep staring at him all the time. I want to tell people and the world that I'm with him (laughs). In fact, when somebody asks me what I'm doing now, I'm extremely cool about it and say, ‘Nothing much actually. I’m just doing a film with Hrithik Roshan.' (Laughs) 



What do you both bond and talk about? 


We have similar interests when it comes to dance, fitness or superheroes. I ask him a lot about his approach towards his career and films. I almost annoy him because no one can understand how much I have studied him. But I hope I'm not annoying him too much. In between shots, I show him his dance moves from the past and he guesses which tracks they are from. 



There will be a dance-off between you and him in the movie. So, how are you prepping for it? 


Right now, we haven't thought about that. There are a lot of action scenes that we are currently shooting. We have left the songs for the end. So that will be like a celebration. We have kept that in the last schedule. But I'm already scared to match up to Hrithik sir.