Anupriya on working with Hrithik in WAR

Published On: 2020-09-15

Author: Mimansa Shekhar

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Anupriya Goenka on working with Hrithik-Tiger in War: It hasn't really sunk in



Source: Indian Express 

Date: October 13, 2019 

By: Mimansa Shekhar 



Anupriya Goenka, who played the character of Aditi in War, spoke on working with Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff and what's more challenging - films or web. Anupria played Aditi, an undercover agent who teams up with Hrithik's Kabir and Tiger's Khalid to nab one of the most wanted terrorists in the world. She had her moments around the two male leads too. In an exclusive chat with us, Anupria shared her experience of working in War, which became the biggest opening Bollywood film till date, and crossed Rs 200 crore in its first week itself. Here are excerpts from the conversation:



Q. How was it being on the same set with Hrithik, Tiger? 


The first day it was only hi-hello and all with Tiger. I kept looking at Tiger thinking ‘Oh, he's a good looking lad, he's nice. He's extremely sweet, polite and very cultured. The second day if I am not wrong, I met Hrithik, that day my jaw just dropped! With Hrithik, I had this complete fan girl thing. And he was very sweet to come and talk. He had read about Aditi's character so he had certain things to say, as to how we can create a graph for her. So that was really inspiring for me and made me feel very involved. Hrithik is more like a mentor because he has that aura about him. He's somebody who leads the ship too. He is a perfectionist and looks at the whole film as a unit, not just his own character. Tiger on the other hand, is more like a friend. He knows how to give respect to Hrithik, to the director or to the co-actors. He's very easy to approach. Even Hrithik is a very friendly person. It's just that we put him on a pedestal because he is just so talented and is perfect. 



Q. Any fond memory of shooting with them? 


In Hrithik's intro shot of coming out of the chopper, (I noticed) he knows where to look, how to stand, how to go on to carry that swag all the time. That's also an art. Then when we were shooting the marriage scene, Hrithik took me aside and said that the scene worked because of my expressions. So these small gestures really helped me in being myself. And coming from him, somebody you've emulated for so long, those things shine. I am also a very shy person. So when people say Tiger is reserved, I don't realise it because both of us are similar. 



Q. And how is Siddharth Anand as a director? 


I really loved working with Siddharth. He's a very chilled out director, just like a buddy, very easy going. But he knows what he wants at the same time. So War has been a fantabulous experience that way.