It's time for me to pamper Sussanne

Published On: 2012-09-26

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It’s time for me to pamper Sussanne: Hrithik

Source: DNA
Date: 2nd September, 2005

Hrithik Roshan is a picture of calm, sitting in his cosy den. But, soon one realises that there is a lot going on under the surface. Mention 'Krrish' (dad Rakesh Roshan is directing the film) and his eyes light up. "I have a simple, straightforward character in the film. It is very me. I had to check into a hotel room to prepare for my role in 'Koi Mil Gaya' because I couldn't focus. But for 'Krrish', the only preparation I had to do was physical. I got trained in Shanghai under Tony Ching, who's a big name."

Did he actually take a 30 feet leap as reported? "I haven't really measured the leap.

'Krrish' is a very simple film. The leap is not the USP of the film, its emotional content is."

BIG PLANS: Hrithik's next after 'Krrish' will be the huge epic, 'Akbar Jodha'. "I am in this constant state of elation that Ashutosh Gowarikar has offered me the film. I am a great fan of his. The shooting starts after a while, so I am keeping my anxiety and fears at bay."

Mention fear and he remembers that phase of his life when he was written off by everyone. "Fear gives you wings. I saw failure as a challenge. I was most scared when soon after the success of my debut film, everyone around praised me to the skies. I was confused because I couldn't find a balance between what everyone was saying and what I was feeling within. I wanted to know what the truth was. I had an offer to do a television serial for Rs 30 crore! I said no. My father couldn't believe that I said no to all those offers." He continues, "Now I am finally relaxed. It seems like the media has also adjusted to what I really am."

A SPECIAL WOMAN: Life is also looking up for wife Sussanne, as she has collaborated with Krsna Mehta to start lifestyle stores. "She has pampered me for the past nine years. Now it is my turn to pamper her. I am truly proud of her. One of the things that attracted me to her is that she was a working girl. She's got the talent that will find a way to channelise itself in one way or other. She's doing bungalows, discotheques, shops and what not."

He's going away on a long schedule of 'Krrish' on September 12 to Singapore. Susanne usually accompanies him. But this time it looks like she will be too busy to do so. "She will join us at the fag end of the schedule. (Laughing) love transcends all distance…"

But since they have been married for a while, it's okay to be apart. "I can say that now. But after 10-15 days, things start going back to the way they were. Till now I have been very busy, so she seemed to be the one keen to meet me. But now the equation is gong to change as she is going to be busy herself. I think this time I will be the first one to break," he says with a smile.

A Casanova would think he is married and boring. "Heroes don't gloat. I wouldn't want to sit here and show off about what I have. If you find that someone who fills the vaccum in your life, there is no room for anyone else. It is something that you cherish so much that you want to protect it. I found happiness when I got married. I am working hard to keep it going all my life."