'I've thought about being a good father'

Published On: 2012-10-01

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"I've thought about being a good father"

Source: Mid-day
Date: March 1, 2006
By: Upala KBR

With wife Sussanne due next month, Hrithik Roshan looks all set to become a proud papa.

His own equation with his father has been great — both personally and professionally.

We caught up with the actor whose most memorable roles have come in his father’s films, as he prepares to keep up nights, change diapers et al.

You share an amazing rapport with your dad.
I don’t think it’s the comfort level. Yes, we enjoy a level of freedom and communication that I, unfortunately, have not yet enjoyed with any other director. That is a natural consequence of us being father and son. We have the luxury and advantage of understanding and knowing each other. We have also developed a way of working without any egos. We might not think in the same direction all the time but we make it a point to confront each other’s views and allow the best thought to win. Communication is the most important aspect of any kind of creative work, without the fear of hurting anyone. That is something all actors and directors working as a team should achieve. Whenever I am working with an outside filmmaker, I am very wary of saying too much or convincing a bit too hard, but with dad, I don’t have that fear. Dad and I can tell each other anything and come back and live under the same roof. Once the shot is canned, it’s forgotten. That is the only thing that has worked to my advantage.

What’s the relationship you share with your dad on the sets?
I don’t think you can really draw a complete demarcation and say “father” at home and “director” on the sets. He can’t escape being my father on the sets and at home, and that works for me, too. I do not come across with him as casually as I would in the house. There is a sense of deep respect and awe. I am completely in awe of him when I am working with him as a director. And we are always father and son, whether at work or at home.

Is he more a friend or a father?
He’s my father in every sense of the word. We have never been on buddy-buddy terms and we can’t be that because there is far too much respect and awe in the relationship. But we have a silent understanding and know each other very well.

What is the one thing that you have learnt from him?
I have learnt everything from him, and am still learning. If I had to pick one thing it would be punctuality — to be on time for anything. Ninety per cent of success, they say, is showing up on time, or you might miss the bus.

Now that you are going to become a dad yourself, how does it feel?
The more you experience life, the more you evolve and the more mature you get. I don’t know how to feel about being a father. It’s just that moment — when it happens, you know.

Are you anxious about being a good father?
I have thought about being a good father. Presently, I am going with the flow of life. It’s a challenge and I hope that we are able to give our child the best of life. Also, teach the right values and sensitivities about life, and help build a healthy mind. Eventually, he/she will evolve into a good human being.