Hrithik extracts the good out of the bad

Published On: 2012-10-04

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Hrithik extracts the good out of the bad

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Date: March 3, 2006

He is the heartthrob of the youngsters and more so with the young girls. Hrithik Roshan knows best when it comes to wowing the audience and his dancing skills are exceptional. But his fans have been going hungry for quite a while now for want of him. Now, he is back after a hiatus. He is going to play the role of a bad guy in ‘Dhoom 2’, which was played by John Abraham in ‘Dhoom’. Here is what the actor says about his new film and much more.

What took you so long to come back to films?
I have been away from films for two years now and I have no choice than to be in it. Nothing exciting came my way, as I was busy with the script of ‘Krrish’. Now, I am here to break the general believe that I am too choosy by doing three films. I don’t judge all the time and I go with my instinct while choosing films. I also follow my heart. I think there is no point of doing things that we don’t love.

You seem to be daring while selecting films. What do you say?
One has to be daring in life and face challenges with courage. We can come to know our potentials only this way. It is better to face the danger than to avoid it.

What kind of films do you prefer - action or drama?
I love both action and drama films. Acting depends on the amount of concentration you put into and nothing more than that.

So, your next action film is ‘Dhoom 2’ followed by a costume drama ‘Jodha-Akbar’.
I play the role of young Akbar in ‘Jodha-Akbar’. It has war, horses and swords and look so real. So, there is enough of action in this film too. This is my first costume drama and I have full faith in director Ashutosh Gowariker. His narration convinced me and I know he will not make a bad actor out of me.

Is it true that you are playing the role of an antagonist in ‘Dhoom 2’?
Yes you are right. But I am going to make the bad look good.

Do you think you will fit into the role?
Certainly. I will prove my worth and do justice to my role.

Tell us something about your co-stars in ‘Dhoom 2’ and ‘Krrish’.
Aish has a stunning look. I have worked with her for a while. It’s great to work with Priyanka and we get along so well from the very beginning. In fact, I haven’t had better experience with any of my co-stars like I had with her.

What is your attitude towards life?
I have a clam attitude towards life. We learn from our experience. It’s good to doubt and there is something good in everybody. Gossips can’t break relationships and I feel pity for people who try to bring down others’ reputations. This shows their weakness and their inability to excel in life. So, it’s better to take life rather coolly.