Sussanne's perfect, says proud Hrithik

Published On: 2012-10-06

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Sussanne's perfect, says proud Hrithik



Source: Mid Day 

Date: March 24, 2006 



What happens when Bollywood’s Prince Charming meets his beautiful princess? Hrithik and Sussanne Roshan bring alive their romantic magic on screen on Rendezvous with Simi Garewal. Part 1 airs on March 26 and Part 2 on April 2 at 9.30 pm on Star World. As Simi introduces the young couple as “dazzling, impossibly attractive, talented, young and successful, they are Bollywood’s glorious couple and this is their love story … Hrithik and Sussanne Roshan,” they talk about how they met and fell in love, including Hrithik’s oh-so-romantic proposal on a dinner napkin, Hrithik’s pet name for his wife, Sussanne’s “hugs” which solve all problems and melt everyone’s hearts to how cutely this young couple patch up. 



A sneak peek into the show: Simi: But tell me, is there anybody who is perfect? 


Hrithik: Anybody, whoever says that nobody is perfect, didn’t get a chance to meet Sussanne, my wife, I think she is perfect. I am far from it. 



Simi: Actually the name is Angel!!!! 


Sussanne: You’ll have been talking about me before. 



Simi: No. (To Hrithik) How did you get this name? 


Hrithik: Well there was this one time when my friend Uday, was going to this party, Sussanne was going to be there, I was not going, he asked how will I know who she is and I said she looks like an angel. When you see her you will know. When he arrived there, he called me back and he said that I didn’t even take a second, he took one glance at the entire discothèque and he just picked her up like that… 



Simi: When did you decide that you wanted to marry her? 


Hrithik: I knew that I could not live without her, I needed her and I wanted her, to be with her when I wake up in the morning, to have her in my life and in my room and marriage was the only way I could get there. Sussanne: There was a real sweet incident that I must say, we had gone to a coffee shop, he wrote something in this napkin and he gave it to me, the letter said, “If you are interested to spend the rest of my life with me ....” Hrithik: Then turn over .. and when she turned over … there the message read…Hi! Good choice! You’ve just won yourself a faithful heart, lots of fun, excitement, passion, luxury (tentatively), good company and a very very happy WONDERFUL life (a few sad times too) — all starting night after I finish my meal. Thank You Your soul mate (by choice) Bye.