Action overload

Published On: 2012-10-07

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Action overload

Source: Mid Day Date: March 26, 2006 Hrithik Roshan reveals how he takes it to the next super level Kaho Naa, Krrish, Dhoom 2 – you always give it your best. I haven’t given it thought. If something needs to be done, it needs to be done to its best or it’s of no consequence. My love for this career and movies is so great, it pushes me at every level. The impression is that you are laidback. I might be a little laidback where the media is concerned, but it’s out of my own inadequacies as a person. I can’t devote time to three or four things at the same time. What makes me happy is to pick one thing, do it right and move on. What made you take up Zoya’s film where you’re working with Kareena Kapoor again? I enjoyed the script. It’s out of this world and blew my mind. It’s a love story. I’m instinctive about films. When you refused Rang De Basanti, the buzz was that you didn’t think it was meaty… No. It depends on how excited you are. Right after Kaho Naa, I did a Fiza because I was excited about playing that character. The length of a role doesn’t matter. I don’t have any qualms working in multi-starrers, art films or small budget films. I don’t like calling them art films — they are all a part of cinema. Do you regret it when films you turned down become super hits? No, because maybe if I had gone against my instincts, the film wouldn’t have turned out a success. I think of myself as someone who gave them a push in the right direction. You have to believe in a film. How has Krrish shaped out? The promo has had a fantastic response. The action is tremendous, it’s absolutely a visual experience. But success requires much more — if the story and emotions go right, only then will it actually work. Which was more difficult — the mentally challenged role of Koi Mil Gaya or the super-powered Krrish? Krrish. Rohit’s endearing qualities were a part of the script. He was a have not, so your heart was supposed to go out to him. Krrish is fantastic from the word go. He thrills, excites and is full of fun. How did you train for Krrish? I was in Hong Kong for 25 days where I was trained by experts in the form wushu — a form of martial arts which includes sword fighting, stick fighting and postures you have to isometrically maintain to strengthen your muscles. There was also a lot of wirework, so I trained in how to simulate real jumps when I was in Shanghai for a week. Action director Tony Ching supervised the whole thing. Did you have reservations about working with Priyanka Chopra? Never. My apprehension was that there wasn’t enough time to get to know the cast or crew when we jumped into a 60-day schedule. With Priyanka, we got along very well. That’s important for me; it translates into better work. She’s one of the co-stars I’ve been most comfortable with. She’s extremely talented and looks at the film selflessly. There’s more concern about the big picture than how her close-up is.