Hrithik Roshan bares his soul!

Published On: 2012-10-09

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Hrithik Roshan bares his soul!

Source: Rediff Date: March 28, 2006 It's not everyday that Hrithik Roshan bares his soul. But, when he does, people always stop to listen. This Sunday, we will get a glimpse into the lives of Hrithik and his wife Suzanne. The soon-to-be-parents will be quizzed by Simi Garewal on her popular show, Rendezvous With Simi Garewal. For a sneak peek of what to expect, read on... Simi: So, tell me, what new things did you discover about your husband after marriage? Suzanne: The new things -- actually the only thing -- he is a very private person as in... he likes his space.. when he used to want to be by himself, I didn't take it personally because when we were going out we never wanted space. Simi: Not from each other! Hrithik: We hardly had time. Suzanne: If I had taken it badly, I could have fought with him and screamed and shouted and said, 'how do you want to be away from me?' But I understood. Hrithik: I think we already were a part of each others' lives so much that nothing much was left to surprise. Suzanne: It was just more fun to spend your life together in the same room and, you know, travel together. Hrithik: She is very expressive with her love for people and I wasn't and that's something I learnt from her. Simi: You know what your mother says? She says Suzanne has taught the family how to hug! Hrithik: She is absolutely right and now I can't live without it! I distinctly remember this time when my mom was really upset with me! Suzanne: It was totally his fault. Hrithik: It didn't matter whose fault it was, but I wanted so much to make up with her. She was in tears and there was a mental block. I just couldn't go up to her and say, 'Mom, I'm sorry!' Simi: You couldn't? Suzanne: He couldn't! Hrithik: I spoke to her (Suzanne). I had just started going out with her and I told her I felt really bad about it and didn't know how to solve it. She said, 'just go up to her and give her a hug.' And I told her, Suzanne, it's different in your family. Suzanne: They'll be shocked if you hug them (laughs). Hrithik: Every time you meet, everytime you get up from the chair and sit down, it's all hugs and kisses. It's not like that (at our place), you know. It's not that comfortable. Simi: She would get scared if you suddenly hugged her. Hrithik: Yeah! And she said, just go ahead and do it. You want to! I said Yeah! So she said, just go and do it, So I went to my mom… she was crying. I just hugged her. And she was so taken aback because I've never done that and you know I just felt this huge pressure releasing from me and I felt, 'Wow this works so beautifully, why don't we do this more often'... you know.. express ourselves! We're just living like these conditioned boxes. Simi: You used to have 25 people in you. What did Suzanne do with all of them? Hrithik: She loved all of them! Suzanne: No, there are some of them I don't like! Simi: Where are they now? Hrithik: Well no! That was just me! Simi: Have they gone? Hrithik: Yeah! Simi: All gone! It was getting too crowded! Hrithik: It was just me being awkward and trying to impress a lot of people. I've learnt in time! Simi: The histories of growing up were different. What part does your childhood play in your personalities today? Hrithik: Well, you know, that made her the person she is, which is positive and fun-loving and she's pure, she's expressive, she can hug you and say 'I love you' and never tire of it and that's exactly what I needed because of where I was coming from Suzanne: I needed his balance because if I was always in that happy-go-lucky world, I needed a reality check. Life's not only about the rosy side. It's about working and about making something… Simi: He has seen real life! Suzanne: Exactly! Hrithik: What she went through is also real, of course. Simi: I'm talking about the different sides. Hrithik: In fact, I'm really glad that her side, the brighter side, is stronger than mine – if I can say dark side, because she keeps pulling me up and showing me the light and just making things happy and good again, which I need very, very often in my life. She just opens the doors. (Touching his heart) I feel like that! Simi: So you find that you draw on her sense of security? Hrithik: Absolutely! I need her sometimes to just tell me that what I am thinking is not right and that I am better than what I think I am and that really helps a lot of times. I mean, you know, the times when I'm feeling low and you just see her smile.. you get happy! (Laughs) Simi: I find that your childhood traumas have made you more sensitive and compassionate. Hrithik: Probably! Simi: You give more attention to his career than your own? Suzanne: Oh yes! Hrithik: Until recently, of course. I have always pushed her! Suzanne: I always have, that's one thing I want to admit! Simi: What is it like living with a perfectionist? Suzanne: Sometimes it can get very annoying. In the house he's not… in that zone. He's like, ok I am a slob, now you do what you want. Simi: Once he's made up his mind, is he easy to convince? Suzanne: No! He's very stubborn! Hrithik: No No! I give you a chance to convince me, but who wins? Suzanne: I can't convince him if his mind is made up. I can't! Simi: What about the fact that he thinks he's not a great dancer? Hrithik: Let's not go there! Simi: What do you do with that? Suzanne: Forget it! I've given up. He's the worst dancer in the world! Hrithik: I'm a good dancer! I'm a very good dancer! In the capacity of an actor, I'm a very good dancer. Suzanne: We laugh now… all of us friends sit together, we laugh at him because he makes all these stupid statements. Hrithik: Can I just complete what I was saying? Simi: I agree with you, Suzanne. Hrithik: Let me please complete what I was saying? Simi: Must you? (Laughs) Hrithik: In the capacity of an actor, I'm a great dancer. In the capacity of.. have you seen the dancers in the rest of the world? I'm nothing! Simi: Yeah I have.. I have.. and nobody can touch you! Nobody can match you! Hrithik: I shall accept that! Simi: Jesus! Suzanne: Anyway, that I've given up on! Simi: Do you ever try what-ifs? Hrithik: I do! Simi: I'm going to try this with you! – What if your first film wasn't a hit? Hrithik: I think I would probably have had to work harder.. keep climbing.. I don't think I would have married that quickly. Suzanne: Yes! I don't think we would have been married! Hrithik: I just wanted to get successful before I was married, but I'm pretty sure we would have still been sitting like this in front of you today! Simi: What if you hadn't seen her that day at the traffic light? Hrithik: Then I would be sitting here alone with you, looking for her. Simi: You would have met perhaps, some other time! Hrithik: Absolutely, she is my soul mate! I had to find her! Simi: What if, when you found her, she was already in love with someone else? Hrithik: Poor guy! She would have had to leave him (laughs) Suzanne: I think he's right. If I was in love with someone else, I would have left him for Duggu! Simi: What if you met him when he was already a star? Suzanne: That would change a lot as far as his and my relationship goes. That would have been very different. Hrithik: That meant a lot! Simi: What has she brought to your life? Hrithik: Everything! The only source of brightness is when I see her smile; it changes my thoughts… it makes me happy. Recently, when I made a wish on my birthday, I always wish to God that she's happy.. that she's really happy forever. Because I know that when she's happy, I'm ok! Suzanne: Wow! Touchwood! Watch Rendezvous with Simi Garewal on Star World at 9:30 pm this Sunday.