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Published On: 2012-04-05

Author: Megha

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Hrithik Roshan on Environment


Typed by: Megha


Be it Mission Kashmir or Fiza, Hrithik Roshan (or Duggu) is the name, which comes to one's mind. A handsome boy with looks that are currently unmatched in the Indian motion picture industry. Being successful hasn't really altered him that much. He has his feet planted firmly on the ground. Being famous however has its drawbacks. 

Hrithik Roshan was born to Rakesh and Pinky Roshan on January 10, 1974.He has an elder sister Sunaina. Hrithik is engaged to be married to Suzanne Khan, daughter of Sundari and Sanjay Khan. 

Critics predicted his downfall the day he decided to step into his father's shoes. Some critics say that he is a bubble that will burst. But one thing is for sure. It's a big bubble that might take us beyond 2005 before it bursts. Hrithik is a person who in not only conscious of his career; but also about health and environment related issues. We met Hrithik at his residence in Juhu, Mumbai. 

To whom do you owe your success? 

I owe everything and whatever I am today to my father Rakesh Roshan. 


What do you think of the state of the environment in the metros especially Mumbai? 

Pollution levels in Mumbai are quite critical. When we were children the air was much cleaner. Even till a decade back going to Juhu beach was an outing the whole family looked forward to. Now the state is pathetic. The beach is no longer beautiful, you can see the garbage lying all over the beach. You cannot think of bathing in the sea because it is so polluted. 

You have witnessed Mumbai deteriorate from being a vibrant city to decaying city? What factors do you think attribute to this decay? 

First, I believe that the city has stopped growing. There is a lack of will power to pull Mumbai out of the present mess. The city is overcrowded and bursting at the seams. The infrastructure is not suited to cater to such a huge population. The water sources are also polluted and the infrastructure has all but buckled under the pressure. 


The environment status is critical the world over. You must have heard of developed countries dumping toxic wastes in third world countries. What are your views regarding that? 

Environment is not territorial and does not belong to a particular country or power. If you are dumping toxic waste in the third world country or elsewhere, the pollution will catch up sooner or later. The whole world community should collectively protest to ban such waste disposal.


How would you in your own way contribute to make the world a cleaner and a healthier place for our future generation and us? 

I feel we should not be both selfish and foolish. We should do our bit to actually try and protect our environment. Being in the profession that I am and having been fortunate enough to have a fan following among the young, I am morally committed to protecting our environment. This with a hope that the people and my fans that care for me will spread this message of goodwill. The first step should be to clean your street, locality or mohalla, be green, eat green and feel green. No other colour can belong to this millennium. Plant a tree wherever you see barren land.

On this green note we said goodbye. It is heartening to note that the actors of the younger generation are environmentally conscious and ready to spread the good word.