Hrehaan Roshan is going to be one helluva looker

Published On: 2012-10-14

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Rayhaan Roshan is going to be one helluva looker

Source: Mumbai Mirror Date: March 30, 2006 Hrithik takes paternity leave to play papa The perfectionist in Hrithik has never felt happier. “I can proudly say I've at last created something that is absolutely perfect,” he says. Hrithik had hoped for a baby girl. “But now I'm equally happy with a son,” he says. “Yeah…I guess fatherhood is fun!” His newly-born son has been named Rayhaan. “We were toying with another spelling for the name. But we all decided that this was the best spelling for the little one,” he says. “His friends in school can call him Ray if they want.” Evidently, papa is already looking far into junior's future. The actor returned from Rio de Janeiro, where he was shooting for Dhoom 2, just in time. “I arrived barely four days before Susanne delivered,” says Hrithik. “And though we shot a really cool song in that exotic location in Rio, my heart was completely at home. I can't describe how it felt to be there in Rio knowing that the baby can come any moment. It was like being all packed and ready for a holiday to paradise. But this was one journey (fatherhood) from which I was not going to come back. So I was torn between these two extreme emotions of ecstacy and utter apprehension.” “The journey towards fatherhood is the biggest bliss a man can experience,” he adds. “I started feeling the change within me nine months ago. And now I feel that the journey has finally culminated. I've never felt happier. This is the most perfect experience of my life.” So, whom does Rayhaan look like? “Well, right now it's hard to say,” he replies. “But everyone thinks he looks like his mom. And Susanne is far better looking than I am. So I guess Rayhaan Roshan is going to be one helluva looker.” Hrithik is currently on paternity leave. “Apart from some post-production work for Krissh and that stint in Rio for Dhoom 2, I've been pretty much with Susanne waiting for the baby's arrival,” he says. “Now that he has come, I feel a strange sense of peace within myself. It's as if there's suddenly more of Susanne to love. The baby is an extension of her, and I just feel as though my world has become more spacious, happier.”