Hrithik: I am taking time off from work

Published On: 2012-10-15

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Hrithik: I am taking time off from work

Source: Mid Day By: Upala KBR Date: March 30, 2006

 Twenty-four hours after the birth of his first child, we cornered Papa Hrithik to talk about the becoming a first-time dad, labour room anxiety, and his next baby Krrish. Read on... 

What was your feeling on seeing your baby? 

Peace. After all the apprehensions you go through, a strange kind of peace takes over. I have never felt this way before…it’s a beautiful feeling of peace and love. 

Where were you when Sussanne was rushed to the hospital? 

I was with her. I was the one who took her to the hospital in the morning. 

Were you panicking? No. Strangely, I didn’t feel any panic. I did feel apprehension initially, but by the time she went into the OT room we (Sussanne and him) were very relaxed and happy — even laughing and cracking jokes. It was a cheerful delivery. Ours is a happy baby, he didn’t make us cry at all.

 You’ve decided on a name for him. Rayhaan, which means the chosen one, but you can call him Ray (laughs). There was no special reason —his name just came out of our hearts. When are the mommy and baby coming home? In a couple of days. She should be home by Saturday. Are you going to gift Sussanne something as a special way of thanking her? It’s a wonderful moment holding the baby in our arms and sharing our love. We are going through a very happy and peaceful time and there is no need for give and take at such times. There is a complete feeling of fulfillment which overshadows everything. Will you be taking a break from work? Yes, I am taking time off from work for a month. Who does Junior look like? Finally I can be very proud of creating something absolutely and purely perfect. I think we are very lucky here, whether he goes on me, is a mix, or looks like her, one thing is certain… he’s going to be fabulous-looking! Ha! Ha! What colour are his eyes? It’s too early to say but I am already jealous of them — they are so beautiful and intense. They are definitely better than mine. What did you do yesterday? I was with Sussanne right from the morning till the time she went into OT and spent the night with her at the hospital. When is your second baby Krrish coming? Are you nervous? No I am not nervous. Right now I am too full of peace and love to feel anything. Krrish will be releasing on June 23