Hrithik at peace after his son's birth

Published On: 2012-10-16

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Proud papa: Hrithik Roshan felt ‘immense peace’ after the birth of his son

By: Udita Jhunjunwala Throughout the telephonic interview, you note the joy in Hrithik Roshan’s voice. Since the birth of Rayhaan (the spelling is still under review — Rayhaan or Hrehaan), a sense of “immense peace” has taken over, says the proud papa. Since wife Sussanne was keen on keeping the child’s gender a surprise, his hopes of a daughter were replaced when a son was born. “I was hoping for a daughter as I always wanted to see Sussanne’s face on our little girl. But he’s gone on her, which is great because she’s definitely the better-looking one of us.” Hrithik was present during the delivery, which he describes as “comfortable and happy”, adding: “We were cracking up and laughing throughout. Credit goes to our doctor, Kiran Coelho, who was wonderful.” Ask him how he felt seeing the birth of his child and the Koi Mil Gaya star says: “It’s very hard to express what you go through because the moment is far greater than what words can convey. Before, I felt like I was packed for a dream vacation that I would never be able to return from — like I would become someone else and forget who I was. But when it happens you realise you don’t have to leave at all — paradise comes to you.”