Hrithik on School days

Published On: 2012-04-06

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My School Days…

Typed by: Megha

Yesterday Hrithik was on "Current Bollywood" on Sony in the short notes section and he mentioned about his good old school days.. He was our very own Duggu here, who warmed through our hearts yet again. What a bachcha he was!

Duggu On his school days…

School ke Din

School mey mein actually zyada taar bohut shy raha karta thaa. .

Meri himat nahi hoti thi .. Khade hokar jawab dena ya khade hokar kuch padna ya.. . (**he had lot of pain in his eyes here**) Bohut shy raheta thaa.., lekin I used to be the, I used to be a good boy, very very boring, but a good boy. (got confident here)

I used ... you know be the odd one out in class. Always. And. even in on the playground I used to be the last to be selected (**laughs** with a lot of pain inside him.. could feel what he would have gone through that time) like that…

But I used to have a couple of my friends whom I used to stick (**winks**) to and we used to have our own kind of fun.

The naughtiest thing he did…

I plan to bunk and jump the wall (explaining with his fingers moving as in a jump) and run., toh these boys you know they.. one jumped, the other one jumped and it was my turn, when I jumped I could not get to the other side so I gave my hand for help and from the other side a hand came and it pulled me out and I landed. Little did I know that it was one of my teacher's (**pauses** he just couldn't stop smiling here.. all blushing! J ) hand. So I was completely caught. That was the naughtiest thing I did.

Any punishments…

Punishment no, no.. I apologised, I used my charm. That was one thing I did very very well I used to use my charm and charm all my teachers and the principal and get away with less punishment or sometime with no punishment.

Was not he cute?