High flyer

Published On: 2012-10-21

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High flyer

Date: April 26, 2006 Source: Hindustan Times Hrithik Roshan on his biggest challenges yet — fatherhood and the forthcoming biggie, Krrish “I prefer to master my act. I am a little slow and enjoy working at my own pace” Princy Jain He’s on Cloud Nine right now. Proud papa Hrithik Roshan is after all waiting for his biggest box-office test yet — Krrish, opening soon. The film, the most awaited flick of the year, could truly define ‘coming of age’ for Hrithik, if it clicks. HT City caught up with the hunk. Luck for the li’l one Born on March 28, Hrithik’s son was supposed be named Rehaan. After con sulting a numerologist, the Roshans decided to add an ‘h’ to the name. “He’ll need more than numerology to be successful, though,” says Hrithik, of son Hrehaan. Hard work matters So, how sold is he on the luck factor? “Before Kaho Naa Pyar Hai opened, I was told to add a ‘c’ to my name, or else my career would fail,” he recalls. “I didn’t. It’s not that I am a non-believer, but I belie ve that one can do a lot for oneself rather than being blindly superstitious. For me, nothing is uncertain. I prefer to master my act by giving it its due time. I am little slow and I enjoy working at my own pace,” he says. That explains the three months he took to train for Krrish. Larger-than-life challenge Touted as Bollywood’s first true sci-fi flick, Krrish, he says, is a “challenge tack led painstakingly,” adding: “After Koi Mil Gaya, we wanted to attempt something bigger. Dad (filmmaker Rakesh Roshan) came up with the idea of the sequel Krrish. It wasn’t a cakewalk — first, it had to be more exciting than KMG. And secondly we had to pull it off convincingly.” Desi superhero Krrish should be Hindi cinema’s first official superhero. Hrithik describes the film as a tale of a simple boy who is unaware of the superpowers he is born with. “The idea was to narrate a tale of such a boy in a convincing manner,” he adds. And if you’ve already noticed Krrish’s cape-and-mask look in the promos, he says: “We’ve seen Superman and Batman dress like that but Krrish is not like them. He is absolutely Indian.” What’s in store His other big role in 2006 will be playing the vil lain in Dhoom 2. “It’s a high-energy film. The stunts will be the high point of the Dhoom sequel. It’s a negative character that I get to play in the flick — should be absolutely thrilling,” he says.