Super size me

Published On: 2012-11-01

Author: Shradha Sukumaran

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Super size me



Source: Mid Day 

By: Shradha Sukumaran 

Date: May 21, 2006



Super hero 



Super villain 

Lex Luthor (from Superman). 



Amitabh Bachchan — because he’s done so much more than just act. 


Super woman 

My mom for 50 years of love, moral support and inspiration that she’s given to all of us. I took my mom out for lunch this mother’s day; and the special thing about that was I cancelled work to do it! 


Super birthday 

My 22nd birthday party thrown by the other super woman in my life — Susanne. I had been working all day and she threw a huge party at home, invited all my friends and decorated the entire place. 


Super holiday I’ve had the best holidays, but there was a delayed honeymoon that we took after two years of marriage and seven of knowing each other. We went to the Maldives, to Koh Samui for New Year’s, then Singapore and back. It was a month-long vacation. I had been going crazy with the workload and felt burnt out, so we took off on the night of the last day of Lakshya’s shoot and landed in paradise. 


Super favourite person 

Susanne — it’s hard to beat her. I hope that Hrehaan (his son) has most of her qualities. 


Super favourite action sport 

I have two — roller-blading and snow boarding. I just recently acquired the skills for both. 


Super dance move 

From Lakshya, where I turn my head to one side and it looks like the body is left behind, and then it follows. 


Super favourite dancer 

Justin Timberlake. But my favourite style is that of Michael Jackson’s. 


Super crib 

I don’t crib much, but it makes me angry when people put money, power, greed far above compassion and love. I see it happening all the time, especially in politics and I have a constant urge to rectify things. Maybe someday I’ll be pushed enough into being more active socially. 


Super friend 

Susanne is my best friend, but among the male buddies, there’s Kunnu (Kunal Kapoor), Uday Chopra and ad filmmaker Prashant Issar.


Super favourite relative 

My grandfather, my mom’s dad – filmmaker J Om Prakash. My quest for all great things in life was instilled by him. When I was little, I used to see him as a king and the entire world was his domain. He’s a master of the spoken word. He could rise and speak in a room full of the world’s best, from all areas of work and expertise, and stun them with his speeches. He would do it time and again in all parts of the world – Cannes, London, New York. I was very proud. After he had given an inspirational talk, I was asked if he was also a lawyer. I said, “No, but I’m sure he knows everything there is to about law.” My morals, my value systems come from the stories he narrated. He’s a wise and learned man. 



Super favourite songs 

I’m a big fan of my chacha so I love Na tum jaano na hum from Kaho Naa… Other favourite songs are Kabhie kabhie, Forever young by Alphaville and In your eyes by Peter Gabriel. Super power you always wanted The power to command my talent at will. It would make my life a lot less stressful. I have lazy days when I have to be completely energetic or sad days when I have to be happy. I wish I could just switch on my emotions by snapping my finger. It would save a lot of time. That’s the way I feel right now – doing post-production for Krrish and shooting for Dhoom 2 at the same time.







‘I prayed to God that I could fly’



Source: Mid-Day 

By Shradha Sukumaran 

Date: May 21, 2006 



As a little boy, Hrithik Roshan was awed by Superman, but he now says Krrish is his biggest superhero. He tells us about sticky masks, circus songs and enjoying every minute of it Your father Rakesh Roshan says that every shot has to be perfect and that’s why your home productions take time. Do you take after him? 


We both have our individual levels of perfection. There are times when his passion for perfection far supercedes mine and he pushes me further, and times when I drive him crazy! We’re a good team. In Krrish, every shot took a lot of work and the risk factors were huge. For action shots, we planned just four-five shots in a day. There are stories floating around that Krrish is just a mix of Batman, Spiderman and The Hulk… That’s what they are — just stories. Krrish is the most natural, convincing superhero. The stories will float around till the film releases. 



When you see the flow of events and motivation, you’ll see that Krrish is as close to Spiderman, Hulk and Batman as it is to Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baje! You seemed more nervous at the time of Koi…Mil Gaya. What’s changed? 


It’s personal growth. I’ve learnt to have a realistic attitude to life. Work is very important, but it’s not my life. Someone recently asked me if Krrish was my make-or-break film. No film can make or break me — I’m far above any piece of work. 



Is it being a father that’s changed you? 


It dawned on me before fatherhood. Earlier, I was bound to my films. I now have a better perspective. I’ve learnt not to waste valuable time in anticipation. I’m more interested in enjoying every moment. Your dad says he left Krrish’s look to you. Rocky S and I spent six months just contemplating Krrish’s look. It’s less about style. The costume and mask trickle from an emotional and personal source. It’s got a lot of ingredients from KMG and Rohit. Nothing looks out of place. Black was not really chosen — there was no choice! 



When you see Krrish, you’ll see that the only colour that we could have used, was black. And you had to change the wax masks between shots? 


The masks had to be stuck with the strongest glue even when the temperature soared. We had about 50 masks! It was far from a face pack — in fact, it wasn’t conducive to good skin! But I went through all those torturous things because I was in love with the character. It was 40 degrees, I was in a black leather jacket, harnessed, then running all day… all of it ensured that I was very sore through the entire Singapore schedule! 



You’ve shot a song in a circus this time. What are your memories of circuses? 


Oh, I have great memories. I used to go with my dadi to Bandra reclamation, which is where I think they used to pitch these huge tents. I used to sit there in the audience and be a great fan of the clowns. I loved the ringmaster with the tigers and the trapeze artistes. 



Which is your favourite superhero? 


Without any bias, I’d have to say Krrish; I’m crazy about him. If Krrish does well, I’d love to have a sequel of this sequel. Superman comes a close second because of the superhero fantasy. I even had a costume — I must have been 11 years old at the time. Incidentally, Superman was also the first English film I saw. I remember seeing it in my mom’s room on this big dabba video with clunky buttons and praying to God that he would make me fly. 



Recently, that wish got granted! Krrish is a superhero film, but is it more thrills than action? 


I don’t believe that action or SFX is solely responsible for a film’s success. The story itself has to be poignant enough to be appreciated. Krrish is more a love story and there are chapters in the lives of the grandmother and grandson that show the bond the two have. It isn’t an action film; it’s more story-driven.