Exercise ensures I stay fit : Hrithik

Published On: 2012-11-14

Author: Shabana Ansari

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Exercise ensures I stay fit : Hrithik



Source: HT 

Date: June 23, 2006 

By: Shabana Ansari 



Moderation is the key to a healthy life. Whether its exercise or diet, I never overdo anything. — Hrithik Roshan 



How I keep fit...


The actor with one of the best physiques in Bollywood reveals that he works out four times in a week, drinks lots of water, has a heavy breakfast and stays away from alcohol and cigarettes 





I do not work out daily since it can lead to injury and fatigue. The body needs to rest now and then. I exercise four times a week for about an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. I begin by jogging on the treadmill and then move on to weight training. I concentrate on each part of my body separately and do special workouts designed for each. I own two separate sets of exercise equipment, one is kept at home and the other I take along when I travel. These are imported pressure pull machines which help me work out even on a flight. With the help of a vacuum press, I fix this equipment to a flat surface and pull the handle to exercise the biceps. I follow the same routine for my legs. 





I am not on a special diet because my exercise routine ensures that I stay fit. However, I eat balanced meals consisting of protein, carbohydrates and fats. I drink lots of water and stay away from alcohol and cigarettes. I believe nothing is bad in moderation but things like smoking and drinking are difficult to moderate. I have a sweet tooth but I am very careful about overindulging. Everyday I have a special protein milk shake as recommended by my instructor. I have a heavy breakfast because it’s the most important meal of the day. My afternoon meal is mostly on the sets and an evening snack is optional. Since I end up working late most nights, my dinner is either on the sets or I eat out with friends. 



Tips for a fit body 


Cardio exercises help build muscles and are good for the heart. Cycling and jogging keep the thighs and arms in great shape while crunches are recommended for the abdomen. I do about 500 crunches a day, but even 200 is good enough for getting washboard abs. Swim or go jogging twice a week to make your body strong and flexible. 



Recommended diet 


Cut down on greasy food and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Take about six small meals a day, instead of two large ones. Drink at least one litre of water daily. Once a week, eat only fruits throughout the day and have two glasses of buttermilk. Take a protein shake everyday, but consult your dietician or fitness instructor before you begin anything new in terms of exercise or diet.