I'm not a nice guy, says Hrithik

Published On: 2012-11-16

Author: Naomi Datta

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I’m not a nice guy, says Hrithik



Source: TOI 

Date: June 25, 2006 



Excerpts of an interview with Hrithik Roshan in candid mode with Naomi Datta in a TIMES NOW exclusive… 



It’s been two years since your last release — does that increase the pressure of expectations? 



I don’t think such time gaps matter. The point is to do good work, and when the work is good, the product is good too. Hence, these gaps will easily be forgotten. When you put so much of yourself in a film — martial arts, death-defying stunts, change of look — is bone-crunching commercial success the ‘end all’? Well, commercial success is the ultimate acknowledgement of your work. After all, that is what we all strive for. In fact, that is the only way to measure success. 



Is it very important to you that your film be a big hit? 


Yes! When a movie fails at the box office, after the initial disappointment, do you analyse the reasons of its fate, or do you know instinctively that it will not work? With me, invariably, before a film’s release, I have always had a good idea of how the film is going to fare at the box office. Till date I’ve not been wrong in my judgments. So before the release, I prepare myself, hence there’s no question of going through a major disappointment. When a film fails and you realise it was because you didn’t follow your conviction, it makes you a stronger person. 



Any particular example? 


Lots of them, but I wouldn’t want to mention them! 



You’re always expected to be the ‘good guy’, but that’s going to change with Dhoom 2. Is it nice to be nasty? 


That I’m a nice guy – that’s the biggest misconception about me!