'I have been sleeping like a baby' : Hrithik

Published On: 2012-11-19

Author: Viral Bhayani

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Hrithik Roshan : "I have been sleeping like a baby ever since my baby is born"



Source: Ebolly.com 

By: Viral Bhayani 



We catch up with Hrithik at Hotel Sun N Sand on the occasion of the release of his much anticipated film. Hrithik in a mood to talk about everything right from his film Krrish, kid Reyhaan and the recent Aamir controversy. 



Krrish is on verge of release. Are you nervous before the release? 


I have been very fortunate that I had too much work to do. So I have been distracted by my work and did not have the time to get nervous. But I am sure it will start once I wash my hands off all the work and concentrate just on the final finishing line with Krrish. 



The music of Krrish is not that happening as compared to the other two films? 


You are right, the music is not of the world like Kaho Na Pyaar Hai or Koi Mil Gayaa, but it is in the world of Krrish. So once you watch the film you will realize why the decision to have songs like these in a film like Krrish was taken. Even in Koi Mil Gayaa, if you look back you will realize that along with the fantastic Jadoo, there is a simple earthy story of a mother and son. So the first part of the story is very simple and emotional. The only part needed to balance out the fantastic was the songs, so we kept them very simple, but they are very melodious. They are great songs; it is just that people are not finding the usual in it like the fast music and the westernized sounds which is not existent in this film. 



What is the USP of the film? 


The USP of the film is Krrish that is the story. The music is the very essential ingredient of the film and inspite of the fact that they are very great songs; they are not finding a very solid ground as of now. I am very confident of the film and of the songs. Once you see the songs in the film, you will realize that they were motivated solely by the story which is why the acceptance of the song will happen very easily once people watch the movie. As of now it is not accepted easily because the songs are sounding a little old and unusual. 



You are going to face Superman on June 30th with a world wide release. How nervous you are about that? 


They are a part of the same fraternity. Krrih and Superman are already friends. Spiderman, Batman, Superman, they have an unsaid friendship. They have an understanding with each other. They have their own little social circle where they meet, discuss and plan to sort out the problems of the world. 


So do you have characters like Spiderman and Batman in your film? 


Now when Krrish meats Superman, might be discussions later and will happen in Part 3 and they may join hands in Part 3. You never know! 



With the kind of international exposure that you have, international guys may rope in a character like Krrish like a super hero? 


I just want to clear out a perception that is there in the minds of people of Krrish being a super hero film. There is a little bit of distortion in perception in that regard. Krrish is not a super hero film. Krrish is not about a man who has got powers of saving the world, because that is the responsibility that a super hero takes on. Krrish is an attempt to lay down the foundation of a super hero in our Indian cinema, because it a genre which has so far been non existent. So it was very important to have a very solid base for a super hero. Krrissh is a personal story, it a personal struggle and a personal battle. There is personal mission in the film. So when you finish the film and are walking home, in retrospect when you look at the film, you say ‘My God, this guy is a super Hero!’ So in retrospect Krrish is a super hero. So the only thought that comes in the mind after you see the film is ‘Man he should save the world now. I wonder what he will do next!’ which will the germ of Part 3. 



A lot of children will accept you as a super hero after Krrish. Will your own child also take you as a super hero? 


He is just two months old. Let him grow up. I will ask him and then tell you! Krrish is made to entertain the audience, so when Reyhaan grows up and is ready to watch films, I hope he is entertained by Krrish. I hope he enjoys the highs and I hope I don’t let him down. Three to four years down the line, things might have gone so far that he might say that Krrish is nothing! So the challenge is to do better and better work. 



Do you have sleepless nights after your baby? 


I have been sleeping like a baby ever since my baby is born, but thanks to Suzanne who has really regularized the timing of Reyhaan’s feeding and plus we have kept a nurse, so that is a lot of help to both of us. 



What is the sweetest thing that Reyhaan does? 


The sweetest thing that he does is the social smile that he has developed. He looks at a face and starts smiling. And that is the first time that you realize that he is actually relating to his mother and father. So that reactive smile, when he reacts at something that you do is tremendous. It is just an incredible feeling, because that is the first time you see him relating to the world around him. 



How much time do you spend with Reyhaan?


I am recently trying to develop the art of time management and I am doing pretty well since I have had no complains so far from the baby or the mother or even my colleagues at work. 



So was your life before being a father not very organized? 


I was always living in anticipation. I had the idea of all the things that I had to do, but did not have an idea of how those things would be done at one stretch. I was always living in the future, so I was not able to concentrate on what I was doing in the present. So now I have started taking things one at a time. 



You are seen in a film after a long gap of two years and people who have not seen Koi Mil Gayaa will not enjoy Krrish, since it is a sequel. What is your say on that? 


Krrish is a story by itself and it also explains Koi Mil Gayaa with in the film. So even if people have not seen Koi Mil Gayaaa, they will follow Krrish exactly in the same manner. And regarding the long gap, what is very important is to do good work. If your work is good then the gaps are very easily forgotten, plus it was not a gap as such, since my endorsement films have appeared and I have achieved success in that. My John Players campaign and the Hide and Seek campaign were very successful. So a lot of me has appeared even though they have not been on the big screen. 



Recently you were dragged in to political controversy and then the next day you clarified the same. So was a mistake or just by chance, because we know Hrithik would be the last person to get involved in any political controversy? 


Well it was just an expression of my opinion which I still stand by. What I said was I stand by Aamir, because India is a democratic country and a person has a right to say what he wants to say and in that regard, with that feeling and that conviction I stand by Aamir. 



Was this your personal opinion or was it guided by other stars like Abhishek? 


No, it was my personal opinion, but I believe that everyone agrees to it. To accuse somebody you need to know the intricacies and the details that have transpired. So it is not possible for me to accuse anyone, but now the one word they left out, advertently or inadvertently was ‘if’. If the political parties have used muscle strength to threaten the exhibitors from showing the film Fanaa then I am against that. Then they are doing something very immature and illegal and it is a threat to the entire film industry. They are holding us to ransom and that is not right. That is something that I am absolutely against and I stand by Aamir completely on that. 



Do you think that your film will also be affected in Gujarat because you stood by Aamir? 


What I feel is it is very important to recognize the bigger threat than to let go off a very small one. The bigger threat is that a person or a political party accuses somebody without knowing the whole thing. As I sad earlier, it is a game of words and the most important word is ‘if’. I don’t want to throw my personal opinion on anybody without knowing the facts. Nobody can give opinion without knowing the facts right. I don’t think it possible for the exhibitors to have let go of a film like Fannaa because they stand by a party whose sentiments have been hurt by one film actor. They are losing their bread and butter. And I don’t think they will do that on their own accord. 



Was it necessary to play a villain in Dhoom II, because Hrithik is such a lovable person? 


But what about the actor? An actor needs to explore all the aspects of his own personality. That is the true excitement when you get to explore all the aspects of your own character. So it is very important to keep on climbing different mountains. 



Which are your next releases? 


There is Dhoom II which will be releasing somewhere in Diwali and after that will be Akbar Jodha with Mazroosh and then will be the film which I have just signed with Zoya Akhtar which should hopefully start in January.