Anything is possible at Harrods...

Published On: 2012-12-04

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Anything is possible at Harrods...



Source: Kilburn Times 

Date: 25 September, 2006 



The doors to the most captivating store in Knightsbridge - Harrods, opened to an event last week packed full of Bollywood Glitz and Glamour. Arriving in the Harrods horse drawn carriage they greeted hundreds of fans gathered outside the store, posed with their die-hard admirers and personally signed autographs. But little did the fans know that they jetted into London for a rare in-store appearance for the World launch of the Bollywood Legend Dolls. I give to you the iconic, the enchanting and the ultra gorgeous - Hrithik and Kajol. 



Q. What was your experience today at Harrods and what it felt like? 


Hrithik - Wow! Is the word. There are some moments in life that come just once. Moments such as those can never really be expressed well enough. One is when you look into the eyes of your new born child. It's happiness and peace personified. The second is when you look into the eyes of your own doll. It is strange, it is over-whelming, it is exhilarating, it is embarrassing, it is flattering and all those things. Today has been the final moment of the distant dream which Shameen, the creator of Bollywood Legends, came to us with three years ago. I'm delighted to be here in Harrods. Kajol - I really have nothing more to add to that but I would like to say that it's an honour to see something like this happen in Harrods. Also, it feels a rather strange that the dolls are called Bollywood Legends because I was under the impression that 'legends' are dead (laughs). 



Q. Do you think the dolls resemble you realistically apart from the fact that it's missing a thumb and are we going to see the super-size dolls in Madame Tussauds next? 


Hrithik - Yes, the dolls do represent us realistically even though the third thumb is missing from my doll (Hrithik Roshan has an extra thumb on top of his normal thumb on his right hand). The thumb thing went into a lot of discussion but at the end of the day I think it looks alright. Kajol - I don't know about Madame Tussauds, but the miniature version is here if you want to have a look at. And as far as the thumb controversy is concerned, Hrithik is not known by his thumb but by his face. 



Q. With Disney toys and Barbie dominating the market, how will Bollywood Legends change the market trend? 


Hrithik - It's such a wonderful idea to have a tangible aspect of that dream to take home with you. I remember as a child I used to be crazy about my action figures and spent hours in front of them. Yes, the kids now have a chance to take their favourite film stars home and recreate and redo scenes from the movies they've watched over and over again. Kajol - I think it will add to it rather than change the market trend. We agreed on the dolls only because we thought that it is just another way to connect with our fans because we have films, interviews, advertising campaigns, etc but a doll is something that is very personal and you connect with it in a way that you don't. 



Q. You are both parents now. What was your child's first reaction when they saw the dolls? 


Hrithik - He has seen my doll and wants to get rid of it but I'm sure he would love to have one of ShahRukh's doll and Kajol's doll. On the flip side I am definitely sure that ShahRukh's son would love to have the mini me. Kajol - The minute I gave my baby the doll she wanted to tear the head off. She is at that violent stage right now (laughs). 



Q. Hrithik, you've had a Krrish doll from the super-hero character you played. How different it is in contrast to the real Hrithik Roshan and for you Kajol, would you play a super-girl if Rakesh Roshan approached you? 


Hrithik - Having an image of a character immortalised is something else. Having 'you' as a person immortalised is something else. I can look in Krrish's eyes and say that it looks good. I then look at my doll and go speechless. That is the difference both the dolls have on me. Kajol - Well, I can't play a super-nanny I guess, I can play a super-mom and for the super-girl, I am one. 



Q. What other merchandising would you like to see after your dolls? 


Hrithik - I think a walking talking Hrithik and Kajol will be the next on the shelves. Kajol - I don't know actually because the dolls seem to put it all together and what can it be after that I truly can't say. Oh! Wait a minute. It might be a replica of my furniture; I mean a mini bed for a mini Kajol.