'Hrithik's simplicity sets me thinking' : Mike

Published On: 2012-12-18

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Interview with Mike



Source: Screen 

Date: 1 November, 2006 



Mike Physique Professor 



Although born in Karnataka, you trained in Singapore - do you have a sports background? 


My father used to be an athlete, but the family has always been more academically inclined. I went to Singapore for further studies and I am a qualified Tools and Dye engineer. But since my childhood, I have been inclined towards sports - I used to train with whatever equipment available to me. In Singapore, I began training at the college gym and ended up winning the silver medal in javelin throw. And then I began training even more seriously. 



When did you decide to pursue physical training professionally? 


I attended a body-building competition in Singapore and I was completely motivated by it to change tracks and take up physical training full-time. I qualified as a cerified trainer and acquired the Asian Advanced Sports & Fitness certificate. Now I can even train hypertensives and diabetics as well. 



So did you meet Hrithik in SIngapore? 


The entire unit of Krrish was in Singapore and Hrithik was training at our club and I just handed him my visiting card saying that in case he needed a trainer while in Singapore, he could call me. At that time we discussed training principles and the discussion went to a serious level. I helped him procure some health food and that started off a relationship between us. He called me back to work with him soon. 



What kind of regimen did you prescribe, considering that he was shooting rigorously for Krrish? 


He is very committed to his training- even after a 12-hour shift he would work-out for a couple of hours every day. But I had to take care not to push him too hard and yet keep up the tempo. His endurance level had to be tops and I had designed his regimen accordingly. 



Allegedly, Hrithik’s upper body is more developed than his lower body. Did you have to balance that out? 


Hrithik’s lower body is very strong, he has trained his body parts very well. There is no imbalance in his body development. But if we concentrate too much on the lower body, his huge legs will come in the way of his dance. 



How long did you train Hrithik in Singapore and what prompted you to follow him to Mumbai? 


I trained Hrithik for over a couple of months in Singapore and then I was very skeptical about chucking up my regular job. But in an interview when asked what he would miss the most about Singapore, Hrithik’s answer was - “My trainer”! That really set me thinking - we have a great synergy together and I decided to risk it and follow him to India. We have been training for a year now. 



What is Hrithik’s training programme schedule currently? 


We change the training system every fortnight before the body hits a plateau. In addition to core conditioning, cycling, treadmill and weights, we do basic stretches. We use wholesome food. 



After a year-long association, what are the visible changes you have worked in Hrithik’s physique? 


I recently saw the promos of Dhoom 2 and Hrithik’s six-pack abs say it all! 



What have you learnt from Hrithik after a year? 


His simplicity sets me thinking - he is never proud or arrogant. I want to adopt his approach of simplicity in my life. He is best at his job, and I am trying to be good at mine! 



Do you travel with Hrithik? 


Not always, but I would be travelling with him to Rajasthan during the shoot of Akbar Jodha. 



Who else do you train from the film fraternity? 


I have trained Zayed, Fardeen and I am working with newcomers Sherlyn Chopra and Anjori Alagh. (Mike is the personal trainer of Hrithik Roshan and Fardeen Khan and he is a certified physical trainer from the School of Excellence, Singapore.)