On Optimism

Published On: 2012-04-12

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"An optimist is a winner in his own eyes"


Source: TOI


Hrithik Roshan tells Afsana Ahmed that optimism means never having to look back in despair

As is evident from history, it’s the men with unshakeable optimism who have emerged on top. Hrithik Roshan is one such man. Despite all the professional debacles, he’s risen from the ashes like a Phoenix with Koi..Mil Gaya. "I have always believed in myself and believed in working hard and sincerely," he says.

After Kaho Naa..Pyaar Hai, Hrithik could have easily fallen into the cauldron of depression, with a succession of 12 flops. But he wasn’t one to waiver. "I gave my best and had faith in myself. It’s the films which were run down, not my performance," he says.

Though Hrithik is basking in glory now, he hasn’t forgotten the tough times. "I’m a hardcore optimistic. There are low moments that can bog you down, but those are just moments, impermanent," says Hrithik. "I think positive, and like to have positive people around me. My heart is clean, and I go to bed with a clear mind. That’s why I always think the future holds something good for me." 

At the moment, Hrithik’s in a place where toothpaste freezes in the tube, speech is slurred by cold and death by frostbite is common. "I’m shooting for Lakshya, in a place near Siachen," he says on the phone. That means he missed the euphoria of Koi…Mil Gaya being declared the hit of the year. But Hrithik says he’ll celebrate once he returns. He plans to take some time off before reading more scripts. Hrithik says his wife Suzanne deserves his attention now. And baby? "All this while I’ve been madly devoted to films. Now Suzanne needs that attention. I have to catch up with my honeymoon. Then we’ll see," he smiles. 

Returning to his comeback on the hit charts, Hrithik says, "It’s reaffirmed my belief that hard work pays, and equals success. the past two years I lived by the rules I made. I’m an actor. The only thing that will affect me is if I do a bad job. A hit or a flop will not affect my career." 

As soldiers file along the roads of Jammu and Kashmir up to Siachen, Hrithik says mere interaction with them is an enriching experience. "They are the real heroes. They made me realise the importance of selfless service." The actor says meeting soldiers has given him a new perspective to life. "It has made me more stronger and more hopeful. They are full of optimism, knowing fully well that anything could happen tomorrow. But they have to live the moment. That’s the true example of optimism. They go through such hardships. Yet, they are so hopeful about tomorrow."