Hrithik speaks about the public response to Dhoom 2

Published On: 2012-12-27

Author: Subhash K. Jha

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‘Abhishek and I will do one film every year’



Source: Mumbai Mirror 

Date: November 24, 2006 

By: Subhash K Jha 



Hrithik Roshan recounts the fun he had while shooting with childhood buddy Abhishek Bachchan for Dhoom 2 I’m not saying this for effect but Abhishek really inspires me. He has the potential to be one of our greatest actors. I know he keeps saying that I inspire him. But I really look up to him. In fact, we’ve made a pact. Abhishek and I will do one film together every two years. You’ve no idea how much fun Abhishek, Uday and I had during the making of Dhoom. There was never any one-upmanship between Abhishek and me. We were constantly giving each other inputs to better our scenes together,” says Hrtihik about his co-star. 


And now Hrithik is looking forward to the world tour with the two Bachchans in mid-2007. Just back from Jaipur in Mumbai after the first schedule of Ashutosh Gowariker’s Jodha Akbar, Hrithik is looking forward to the response Dhoom 2 will generate. “I’ve never played someone as cool as Aryan (the character in Dhoom 2) before. That’s what people like so much, I guess. It’s too early to gauge the film’s impact. But yes, I must tell you this is the first time I’m in Mumbai to enjoy the response of one of my films. I’m not just in town for a day, but for four whole days,” he says. For now, Hrithik is equally absorbed with Jodha Akbar. “I never knew a costume drama could be so tiring! We’ve shot a battle sequence and I’ve been oblivious to the current world. Now I feel I’m back into my world. Doing Jodha Akbar is like entering a totally different world. I feel I’m getting to know things about myself as an actor that I hadn’t known before.”