Hrithik Roshan Mil Gaya

Published On: 2013-01-18

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"To absorb so much flattery can be detrimental to your growth"


Source: DNA India
Date: December 19, 2006

Since he flies like a restless bird from one continent and city to another, it’s surprising to actually find him at his eye-filling, tastefully appointed house in a meandering Juhu lane. Bankably well-mannered, he’s with me on the dot of the appointed minute. Evidently, he’s at peace with himself, since the response to his negative act in Dhoom 2 was vital to his career. 

Its major success has broken the myth that he clicks only under the direction of his father Rakesh Roshan.

Here’s an actor who’s on a major upswing…which is why one asks..

What’s your state of mind at this very moment?

That I’m back to square one. Even my immediate past has no relevance to my present or future. I don’t rest on my laurels, I start from scratch all over again, like I’m doing with Jodha-Akbar. 

Aren’t you relishing the tremendous appreciation for your Dhoom 2 performance?

I’ve been through this before. A lot is said to inflate an actor’s ego. To absorb so much flattery can be detrimental to your growth. I take as much from the compliments as I need to be charged for my next film. 

I try to strike a balance by attributing the rest to the magic of the movies. 

Surely, you’re elated by the response to Dhoom 2.

I’m very elated, I was waiting to do a film like Dhoom 2 and a character like Aryan. I was feeling much too stagnated with my good boy roles, I needed to spice up my life, make a big leap from Rohit in Koi Mil Gaya to Aryan on the other end of the spectrum. I always thought I was more of Rohit, less of Aryan. Now, it’s the other way around..it was fun exploring that aspect of my personality.

Did you add that extra bit because of the competition around?

I put in as much as the project needed... as much as I did in Koi Mil Gaya, Lakshya and Krrish. 
No one was competing against the other in Dhoom 2. Friends were working as if they were back in school. 
Also, there was no question of overshadowing the other. If an artist paints a sunset, he may use more yellow than red..this doesn’t mean red is less beautiful than yellow. All of us were like colours in a painting.

Are you surprised that the kiss with Aishwarya Rai has been so widely discussed?

Look, the kiss was a moment of love between the characters. It all depends on your upbringing. 
In some cultures, even holding hands in public is scandalous. In the west, it is extremely normal to kiss. [b]For me, it is a beautiful moment on screen..two people in love with tears in their eyes.. [/b]I’ve always wanted to see a moment like that on the Indian screen. I’m very happy with the way it turned out.

Can you confirm your three-film deal with Adlabs for the astronomical amount of Rs 30 crore?

Yes, I have. It seems huge because I’ve set the ball rolling. By the time the third film starts, I might be being underpaid. Five years ago, actors were earning 25 per cent of what they are getting now. In another three years it might scale up five times over. 

Till eight months ago, you’d be laughed at if you thought your film would cross the 100 crore mark. Now, you’re dissastisfied if your film doesn’t cross that. The market for our movies is growing tremendously. Also, this is the price one is offered, it hasn’t been demanded.

Others must be offering you huge money too?

(Smiles) I’ve got absurd offers which I’ve said no to.

How many scripts do you reject in a day?

I haven’t been reading too many scripts since the last six months. Either there’s a misconception that I’m not accessible or maybe filmmakers are just not thinking of me.

Apparently, you take quite some time before accepting or rejecting a script.

No, I’m instinctive. I hear a narration or read a script as the audience would. If it’s imaginative and explores another side of my personality, I say yes immediately.

Have you done films without hearing the scripts?

A lot of them.. just on blind faith. 


How do you rate yourself on the ambition scale?

I’m not ambitious, I’m competitive. When I’m pitted against any other human being, I go ballisitic.


You operate from the mind or heart?

I operate from the soul.

Are you a big dreamer?

I dream with my eyes open. In a crowd, I’m as far away as Mars. That’s scary and embarrassing. As a kid, I’d miss out on lunch because I’d be dreaming.

Do you get enough time with your son?

Sure, the world stops spinning when I’m with Hrehaan.

What qualities do you want him to inherit?

To be his own person. I wouldn’t want to force anything on him. Children learn by observation and their environment. If Hrehaan grows up watching his parents do the right thing and being good people, I hope that’s what he’ll become.

On a different tack, how do you handle women propositioning you?

(Laughs) Since my marriage, I’ve never had to handle this.

How do you deal with on-the-sets flirtation?

Flirting without any ulterior motives is great fun. It’s exciting, energising it’s a great stimulant to the brain.

Does that happen with you?


What if you weren’t recognised in public?

Recently, I thought a cab driver in London was pretending not to know me. But in the course of the conversation, I realised he really didn’t know who I am. I was embarrassed, I told him I was one of the biggest stars in India. And wanted to prove this to him desperately. 

God must have heard me. At a red traffic light, a group of Indian girls began screaming and pounding on the cab. (Laughs) I must have never had such a victorious smile on being accosted by fans. So, he didn’t take any money from me, only my autograph. I’m famous enough to be recognised. If someone pretends not to recognise me, then he needs to get a life. 

Is there anything you aren’t perfect at?

(Chuckles) I’m not perfect, it’s just the magic of the movies.