Enjoying KMG Success

Published On: 2012-04-15

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Hrithik: Enjoying The 'KMG' Success And Looking Forward To 'Lakshya'!

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When Aamir Khan praises you, you know you're in the top league. And it was Aamir's praise for Hrithik, that's sent his head swirling in the clouds. Junior Roshan is currently riding a second wave of adulation, this time for his superlative performance in `Koi Mil Gaya '. For someone who reached dizzying heights with his very first film, Hrithik is still getting used to it all – but this time he's taking it with a pinch of salt. Because now he's seen both sides of the coin. Just when critics were writing him off, he bounced back with `Jadoo'. We caught up with him on the sets of his next big thing, Farhan Akhtar's `Lakshya', at Film City .

The same critics who were all set to write you off before `Koi Mil Gaya ' are now praising your performance to the skies. You must be getting used to sudden changes in the media's opinion about you!

Hrithik : "Well, I have always respected my critics. I believe one should always hear them out because they always direct you onto the right path. They point out your shortcomings and tell you when you're wrong. I'm thankful to my critics for giving me something to fight for. They've helped me get back on top and I'm thankful to them for that."

Is it true that `Koi Mil Gaya ' collections have surpassed even those of `Kaho Na Pyaar Hai'?

Hrithik : "No, not yet. But it's almost there. We have a little way to go. That will be a really nice victory because that was what we had planned. `Kaho Na…' was a historical hit and I think `KMG' too will do it. It's just a matter of time."

You are witnessing a second wave of adulation. Are you taking it with a pinch of salt this time?

Hrithik : "Actually, I'm pretty relaxed. What happened to me with `Kaho Na..' was a bit too sudden, and I wasn't making sense of it all. There was a lot of pressure on my head and I was getting a little unsteady. Today is a different story. I know where I stand and I know my worth. What I have now, I deserve – because I've worked very very hard for it. I think that's the right perspective to have. You should not be affected to extremes by either brickbats or accolades. As long as you know exactly what you are about, it makes your life a lot easier."

You are being tipped to pick up most of the awards this year.

Hrithik : "It's not like I've received all the awards yet! (laughs) So I can't really comment on that. If I do win, any award is an acknowledgment of your efforts. But then there have been some great performances this year and there are going to be greater performances in the coming months, so one never knows. It's all healthy competition."

Is it true that your next film will again be with dad Rakesh Roshan?

Hrithik : "Dad hasn't decided on his next film yet. But he's going through a few scripts currently. Nothing has been finalized as yet."

With `KMG' breaking new ground in Bollywood, so to speak, being a science fiction film, will your next film with your dad also be another sci-fi?

Hrithik : "Well, with dad I don't think so. He's already done that and if I know him, he would want to do something new and as

What genre of film would you yourself like to do next? Is there some role you would love to play?

Hrithik : "I wouldn't mind another science fiction film, actually. Because I'm a science fiction buff. Even as a child I loved fantastic stories. I wouldn't mind playing a superhero or Alladin or… there are so many characters out there. Let's see."

Children seem to like you the most. Even though `Kaho Na…' wasn't strictly a children's film, you were a hot favourite then. And now with `KMG', they simply adore you. What's the deal?

Hrithik : "I simply don't know. It is as much a responsibility as it is a compliment. It makes me feel very very special, because children are not biased. Whatever they feel is instinctive and honest. So getting all that love from my friends out there makes me feel really great. I just want to hug all of them right now! Like you said, `Kaho Na…' was not actually a children's film, but they liked me in it. Maybe it's something about my face. I love children so may be that came across on screen! Whatever it is, I'm loving it and I want to thank them all out there. I'm going to keep entertaining them and I hope they keep watching and liking my films."

What can your little fans expect next?

Hrithik : "I may do another science fiction film – if not dad's (film) then maybe an outside banner, but somebody has to think it up first."

Tell us a little about your film `Lakshya'.

Hrithik : "`Lakshya' is a film that will release sometime in June next year. We've been working very hard on it. In fact, we're right now on the sets of the same film. We shot in Ladakh for about three months which was quite grueling. But there was also a feeling of accomplishment after the schedule was over because we had managed so much. We had shot the highest film shot ever taken. We've broken the record. We've taken the highest crane shot in the world in `Lakshya' at 18,000 feet above sea level which is going to be, hopefully, in the Guinness Book of Records. A lot of good work has gone into the film. Hopefully a lot of people will like it."

What scene are you shooting for right now?

Hrithik : "It's an action scene. We're shooting the climax of the film. And we're going to be here all night, till six in the morning. And hopefully when the sun comes out they will allow me to go home.

Are you doing any more films right now?

Hrithik : "No, `Lakshya' is my only lakshya in life right now (laughs). I haven't signed any film yet. I was taking my time. I'm
going through scripts and narrations and looking for that next step in life. Hopefully it will be the right one."