“I did more than enough” : Hrithik

Published On: 2013-02-01

Author: Harneet Singh

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“I did more than enough”



Source: Indian Express 

By: Harneet Singh 

Date: December 31, 2006 



The A-List vs The K-Club Lights camera laughs. 



We think you’re Bollywood’s Man of the Moment… 


It’s been a great year not just for me personally but also for our industry. All in all, there have been lots of happy endings. I’m just a small part of this great victory of the entire industry. 



But your films, Krrish and Dhoom 2, have spread maximum smiles among distributors? 


It’s always the film that works. Sure, actors are the last link with the audience and they ultimately translate the director’s vision but they can’t do anything alone. That said, I’m happy that my distributors are happy. 



How do you look back at 2006?


I don’t look back because the only purpose it serves is that it inflates the ego. I always believe that I did almost enough for my films but from the feedback, it seems that I did more than enough. 



Are you your biggest critic? 


Unfortunately, yes. I’m still looking for the negatives to come from the outside source that I can depend on. That will be so convenient. I get more intrigued by the people who have found fault in my work. I keep them close to me. 



Koi…Mil Gaya, Lakshya, Krrish, Dhoom 2 and now Jodha Akbar, all of them are about larger-than-life super guys, don’t you want to play a common man now? 


I’ve always been a dreamer. I feel that if something in your mind is possible to do, then that dream is not big enough. I’m intrigued to know what my true potential is. The only way I can find that out is by pushing myself. Cinema should make you feel like a child. I have this urge to break out and give something not seen before to my audience... stuff like time travel, futuristic fare and invisible man. 



What was more challenging, Krrish or Dhoom 2? 


Definitely Krrish. And that’s because of the risk in the concept. Before we began Krrish, whenever we would tell anyone that the film is about a superhero who wears a mask and a cape, people used to laugh. 



What does success mean to you? 


It means to be in complete control of your senses and to live without fear of being what you are, no matter what it is. It means being evolved enough to work the hardest I can, purely for the love of it. 



How do you explain the furore created by the kiss in Dhoom 2? 


Did you like the kiss? 



Yes, I think you were good but that doesn’t answer my question? 


If you enjoyed it then I rest my case. Perfect. 



What about the obscenity case filed by a Bihar lawyer against you and Aishwarya Rai? 


Even talking about that lawyer would be giving him undue importance but I guess I have to say this once and for all. The man does not even represent five or six people, it’s just his way of getting the TV crews in his office. 


Are you the most expensive star after your Rs 35-crore three-film deal with Adlabs? 


Remuneration is relative to the worth you pay for. And if you are offered a price without demanding it, things are quite obvious, aren’t they? 



John Abraham says you’re the most gorgeous man. Comment.


I guess I’d say thank you and gift him a thesaurus as a birthday gift. 



Hrithik Roshan in 2007? 


Well, he’s on to another big challenge in with Jodha Akbar. We are also working on Krrish 3 and should start shooting by the end of next year. 



How are you enjoying the role of dad to Hrehaan? 


Oh, my best role ever. We call him Ray in the house. That’s become his nickname.