Fit for life - Hrithik Roshan

Published On: 2012-04-20

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Fit for life - Hrithik Roshan

Guest Editor

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Stress is the flip side of a success driven contemporary lifestyle. Fitness Editor: Hrithik Roshan feels it's important to combat it through yoga exercise alternative healing or simple heart-talk with God.

Q. Hrithik how do you relax after a hard days' work?

HR: First of all, it is very important to develop the knack of being able to cut off from the work scenario. You need to take a certain amount of time off from your daily routine and avoid thinking about work. This technique helps you get back later with an increased amount of energy and enthusiasm. For some, this talent to switch off is inborn but I didn't have it so I am consciously trying to develop this knack and it's working our really well for me.

Q. Does this imply the concept of "my time" where in people reserve some time for themselves everyday, come what may?

HR: I think this "time" should be enjoyed anytime. The minute you have the opportunity or the inclination. You can just snap out of work made and take your time off. It could be doing anything stimulating maybe a bunch of friends with whom you can chat and unwind. It could also mean watching a movie. You must just allow this time to just happen to you. These days I can enjoy this time of leisure more as my workload is less. But it was really hard for me earlier. I was working day in and out for four years at a stretch. As a result I almost burnt myself out. I have this tendency to take on a lot of stress; stress which may just bounce off others. Today I have realized how important it is for people like me to have that cut-off point. Though it sounds good theoretically, in practice it is even better. Believe me, I have tried it and it works like magic!

Q. And what exactly do you do when you switch off?

HR: I may take a long drive downtown or just sit and sip a cup of coffee. It could be anything you enjoy. Don't focus on anything but just live to that particular moment. It's fun to just let the moment be.

Q. Where does exercise fit in? Does it give you a high or does it calm you down?

HR: Exercise is a tool that works towards different but nevertheless positive ends. I use it to de-stress, re-charge or bring in excitement. It pulls me out of the stress zone easily and without any conscious effort, because I enjoy it. a lingering thought in your mind which you can do little about can spoil your day. Sit down and ask yourself, "Can I solve it now?" You will realise that you can't. So forget it. That's when you must switch over to doing something else you love. This will also help you view the problem from a distance and with a fresh approach.

Q. Do you think that alternative healing therapies like Reiki, Yoga or the Art of Living could also be effective in stress busting.

HR: I do not have any personal experience of these but I believe they work. Anything you do with conviction, faith and application of mind towards any postive goal, has to work. if you are doing yoga, for instance, to enhance peace and stillness you will achieve these goals. These are all tools that uplift the soul to a higher level.

Q. Is there any particular reason why you haven't experimented these?

HR: I am starting yoga shortly, which, they say, enhances focus and instills peace in life. This would supplement my workouts. The sessions will be held four times a week. I always wanted to do this but had no leisure. I will initially be training for three months and then follow it up whenever and wherever possible. On the other hand, power yoga is more of the physical kind with cardio exercises. It tones your muscles, makes you stronger, agile and also energizes you.

Q. How much strength do you attribute to the mind in overcoming the most trying circumstances?

HR: "It's all in the mind" they say and it's absolutely true. There have been many times in my life when I felt that I had hit rock bottom. All does seemed shut and there seemed no way out. at such times I have surprised myself by first accepting what's happening and then viewing all hurdles as in a game. Each time I felt it was all over, I would say, "Let me see if I can do it now." This stupid line that I kept repeating would bring a smile on my face and pull me out of depression. Once I was happy, I would see myself as a player and life as a sport. It helped me shift focus. I would realize that God had all the power to test me a little harder each time but it was only in jest. I would imagine looking at His face and retorting with a smirk, "Thank you! But watch me now." This was my own little formula to beat stress. Once your thoughts change, your outlook changes. That's mind power.

Q. Do you think spirituality serves as a great shock absorber in modern life?

HR: I don't think I am competent enough to recommend spirituality to anybody as it stems from personal need. At a certain stage in life, a person may desire contentment in keeping with all that he has gained or lost. I really don't know at what point one should turn spiritual. Spirituality comes inn when you look at things with serenity. It brings in an unbelievable amount of tolerance, understanding and compassion. This usually happens when a person has walked the various paths of life and realizes that all the so-called important things are actually very trivial. All misunderstandings, achievements, depression and conflicts seem petty. Once could further develop this spirituality with the help of prayer meditation and books.

Q. How important is the spiritual perspective for overall mental and physical well being?

HR: If all of us were to develop this spiritual perspective, there would be no hatred conflict and war. But the problem is that this happens only when you have traveled a certain path. You can finally look back at your life with half a smile on your lips. As much as you have tried to control life you finally realize it's not in your hands.

Q. Do you think spirituality is a better substitute or anti-stress techniques like meditation or Reiki?

HR: These all are different route to spirituality or connection with the self. They are all stepping stones to the same destination. But these cannot be forced. They can only be absorbed when there is need for it.

Q. What has worked for you?

HR: There was a point in my life when I questioned the existence of God. Today I believe in Him wholly and solely. God is more about faith. The statute could merely help you focus. What has worked for me is the concept of believing in more than one can see. If you, in worst and most painful period, are actively giving it your best shot without harming anybody, things eventually will work out for you. While most say, "You have to see it to believe it," I vouch for the contrary assertion "You have to believe it to see it." The word miracle was coined because wondrous things may have surely happened to validate its meaning. But you have to give every nerve, every sinew and every drop of blood to make that magic happen.

Q. Do you pray to de-stress everyday?

HR: I hope God is my friend because I do forget to pray sometimes. Whenever I get back to Him I do apologize. With Him I am like a 6-year old asking for favors. I don't know any other ways; I use the same words and same construction of sentences. I don't know how this has stayed with me. It's embarrassing to say it in print. But it comes to me automatically. I have never gone back to correct it.